The Other Side

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Number 521. That is what they called me at the shelter where I was taken to in late June 2012. It meant I had no name and no identity anymore. A man said I was a stray.

To Whom It May Concern: Giada is Awesome!

Giada is a 3-year old pit bull. We adopted her from a veterinarian in New Jersey when she was 6 months old. It turned out that she had parvovirus as a young puppy. We met her and it was an instant connection. She was so sweet and very gentle with our then 1-year-old son. We had to adopt her.

The Family Nanny Dog

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I rescued Kadie in 2011 from a local shelter that brought her along with her two pups to Pennsylvania from Georgia. She was set to be put to sleep when the shelter got her. I was afraid to get another pit bull after my first one, Doc, passed away.

A Wonderful Surprise

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After hearing that story I just knew I had to give this cute puppy a permanent home and family. Surely if I gave her all my love she couldn’t be “that bad.” Little did I know she would turn out to be the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever met and no, that’s not just the “mommy” in me speaking.

A Special Boi

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Unlike most of the stories I hear about how someone became a “pit bull person,” mine starts out just a little bit differently. After having my first pit bull shot by a disgruntled neighbor back in January of 2007, I just couldn’t bear the thought of replacing her.

Everyday Heroes – Volunteers

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They are there first thing in the morning, ready to walk the dogs. In the snow, rain, heat, they put on their sneakers, grab their treat bags and show up. “Hi guys! Who wants to go out for a walk?” they smile and get to work.

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