Ruby’s Tale: From Starvation to Stardom


Found in an abandoned home, Ruby achieves celebrity status, which has taken her and her people on a wonderful odyssey. We will continue to follow Ruby’s adventures here each month.

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Turning Tragedy to Triumph


How could this little puppy trust and love people unconditionally after what people had done to her? If she could trust again, then so could I. My husband and I decided to adopt Susie. She would finally have the love for which she had so desperately longed.

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Petey the Pup


“The Little Rascals” was filmed in the 1920s and ’30s, when pit bulls were America’s dog. Watching the shorts, it’s easy to see just why pit bulls like Petey were considered nanny dogs.

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A Contest, a Kid, and a Dog


In mid-September 2008, Mom noticed a contest on the back of a Milk-Bone box for “first ever spokes dog” in their 100-year history. Top prize was a $100,000 contract. All we had to do was send in a picture of one of us dogs and a family member having fun, relaxing or being silly. Milk-Bone called it a “Milk-Bone Moment.”

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Homerun for Animals


Not only is Chase Utley an all-star baseball player and second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, he and his wife Jennifer are also pit bull lovers and advocates for the humane treatment of animals. StubbyDog recently chatted with Jennifer and Chase about their work to help animals and about their pit bull, Jack.

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The Pit Bull Who Inspired a Book


I’ve always thought that Wallace’s story was a book waiting to happen. Wallace has faced an onslaught of obstacles throughout his life. He doesn’t simply endure them, he faces them with joyful abandon. He doesn’t know he’s supposed to fail, and as a result has achieved more than anybody thought was possible – a true underdog story in every aspect.

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Starla’s Gift


I’d like to tell you about my dog, Starla Rose. Starla is my hero because she holds our little family together. She gives so much love and makes us laugh hysterically even when we think we can’t break a smile.


Saving Sparky


Burned over 45 percent of his body, suffering major smoke inhalation, his collar melted into his neck, unable to see through burned corneas, this sweet dog captured everyone’s heart.

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In June of 2009 I was introduced to the world of pit bulls. My mom was driving to work and saw a huge black and white pit bull sitting on the side of the road. We already had four family dogs between the two of us, so she passed by hoping someone else would stop for the dog.

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To Whom It May Concern: Giada is Awesome!


Giada is a 3-year old pit bull. We adopted her from a veterinarian in New Jersey when she was 6 months old. It turned out that she had parvovirus as a young puppy. We met her and it was an instant connection. She was so sweet and very gentle with our then 1-year-old son. We had to adopt her.

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