The Last Walk


Seven years old. That’s the age that your dog is considered a senior citizen. Seven years. We all know that our beloved companions don’t live as long as we do and certainly not as long as we would like them to.


Angels of Compassion


Tera had been at the shelter for two months. An older pit bull with skin cancer and two blown knees, her adoption chances were as low as can be. Tera went to live with Nicole Edwards, a veterinary nurse who welcomes dogs like Tera into her home for what’s known as compassion fostering.

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One of a Kind


From the beginning, Tank was astoundingly loyal, easily trainable (I only had to teach him things once) and a touch manipulative. Whenever we would go out to eat or go to the pet store, he would always wait until the server or clerk would look at him. When he caught their eye he would dramatically move his head to show his missing cheek.


Pets and Seniors


But this post is a reminder – or perhaps a lesson – that not every senior dog that arrives in a shelter is there because “people suck.” Rather, some of these pets arrive in shelters because the lack of resources to support elders with pets sucks.

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A Very Special Connection


Within two hours, I knew he was the dog for me. We just celebrated his sixth “Gotcha Day.” We have been through a lot together. He still makes me smile every day.


The Unsinkable Tiger


I love my family including Mom, Dad, Sadie and all five of my furry adopted siblings. But, there is one of them I think deserves some special recognition. It’s Tiger. At 14 years old, he is wide, low to the ground and what they call an Elderbull nowadays.

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A Sanctuary for Snoopy


While Snoopy’s profile didn’t exactly fit any of the profiles of open foster homes, there is a very human component of receiving all these photos and write ups every day, and Kim’s heart melted. She determined that Snoopy seemed like he could be a fit for our sanctuary program.


A Gentle Lion


Interested in fostering a dog but aren’t up for a rambunctious youngster? Consider fostering a senior dog like Lionel. Lionel, known originally as Sad Lionel Boy, came to It’s the Pits from a shelter in Los Angeles at the age of 15.

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Clancy the Teacher


Clancy, at 15 years old, is a Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog, Kings Hockey fan and mascot of Downtown Dog Rescue. A survivor of animal cruelty for many years, he came into my life at 10 years of age.

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Battersea’s Oldest Dog Travels 270 Miles to New Home


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s oldest dog Blackie has found his new retirement home in Durham, 270 miles away from the charity’s London center. Aged 19 in dog years and 133 in human terms, golden oldie Blackie is the oldest dog ever to arrive at Battersea, and is among a growing number of golden oldies arriving at the charity.

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