Elderbull Sasha’s Happy Ending!

By: Florida Keys SPCA The day has come….Sasha has found her forever home! Last August we found Sasha in awful conditions with no shelter. She had a piece of wood stuck in her eye and was covered in dirt. At 10 years old, it was clear that Sasha had a long history of a very […]


A Tribute to the Best G: Gigi

Below is a very special tribute to Gigi (who was on the inside cover of the very first StubbyDog calendar) written by her mom, Kelly Citrin Blankfeld. Gigi was diagnosed with cancer in January and she passed on April 15. Fly high sweet girl. We rescued her from death row six years ago. She had […]


Bruce: Never Too Late for a Second Chance

By: Society of Humane Friends of Georgia The pit bull walked into a CVS Pharmacy in Lilburn, GA on Thursday, March 6th. His ears were almost totally gone and he had an open wound across the back of his head. He was picked up by Gwinnett Animal Control, who took him in and documented his […]


Why Pit Bulls Make the Best Therapy Dogs

“Today, you can’t get on Facebook without finding Thera-Pits. But in 2002 when I first started using pit bulls as therapy dogs, very few people were using them in mental health therapy due to their ‘bad rap.’ They were viewed as “the other” and I felt they were the perfect metaphor for my clients who […]


Lessons From Dawn


She was a beautiful, blue-brindle Stubby Dog. Little did I know when I brought her into my home she would change my life and become my heart.

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The Velveteen Pit Bull


Even when we were looking to adopt a second dog, we thought we were doomed to a repeat of those crazy years. But – what if we just chose a dog who had already reached that magical, mellow age?


Rueben Is Just Right


When I tell people we adopted Rueben, a 12-year-old pit bull who strained to walk, couldn’t be picked up, has an extreme phobia of storms, has to take medicine at least twice a day, and can only eat $60 worth of dog food due to liver disease, I get one of two responses.

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Why Our Adopted Elderbulls Rock


November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month and you know we at StubbyDog love our seniors! So we asked our Facebook fans, ’Fill in the blank: My adopted elderbull rocks because ___!’


Elderbull Artist


Our elderbull, named Kitty, is a rescue from All Aboard Search and Rescue of Santa Rosa, Calif. We adopted him on Halloween 2009, when he was estimated around 9 years old. He was left in a backyard his entire life, neglected and under-socialized.

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Kenya’s Second Chance


On April 4, 2012, an email popped up in my inbox asking if anyone could foster a sweet, senior pit bull. I looked at the photos. What I saw was a gray face, sad eyes and floppy ears, one up and one down. She had lost her home when her owners were evicted, and now she found herself in a high kill shelter where the odds were stacked against her.

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