Rediscovering Pit Bulls

Pit Bull Facts: Some Facts about Pit Bulls.

It’s Not Just How They Were Raised: When adopting adults, it’s what you see in front of you that matters.

Why I Foster: Having fostered since she was in high school, the author has never owned a dog.

Healing Power of the Pit Bull: Family with two autistic children discovers how they could help pit bulls and how pit bulls could help them.

Honey My Heart Dog: After being saved by a veterinarian, Honey finds a home and a way to share her love.

What a Beautiful Pit Bull: Once shocked to find they had a pit bull, now they can’t imagine life without her.

A Hero’s Nature: Sgt Stubby was an American hero, demonstrating the true characteristics of pit bull-type dogs.

War Time Pit Bulls: StubbyDog salutes pit bull heroes of the past.