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If you would like to share your stories with the StubbyDog community, submit candidates for Rescue Dog of the Week, or request a spot for your rescue or shelter in our Spotlight feature, please see the guidelines below.

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Article Reprint Guidelines

If you would like to reprint one of the articles you see on our site, we ask that you please follow these guidelines.

  • The article must be reprinted in its entirety as it was originally published on StubbyDog.
  • The article headline (title), dek (intro phrase) and author byline should appear at the top of the article, just as they do on our site.
  • After the author byline, please add the phrase “Reprinted from” with the “” as a live hyperlink back to our site. Example: By Jane Doe (Reprinted from
  • If you reprint the photos with the article, make sure to maintain any photo credits.

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Commenting Guidelines

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