What’s Being Done and What Else Needs to Be Done

Humane organizations are doing critical work rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls, shutting down dog-fighting operations and contesting laws that target dogs rather than their abusers.

These are all essential activities, but a key challenge remains:

The general public sees pit bulls as dangerous dogs.

That’s why more than a million pit bulls are still being killed in shelters every year while well-meaning organizations explain, often defensively, that “not all pit bulls are like that.”
But, as the well-known PR aphorism goes: “When you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

A new strategy is needed.

At StubbyDog, we don’t hesitate to the set the record straight when that’s required.

But our overall strategy is to change the conversation.

Rather than continuing the old, negative, and apologetic conversation about pit bulls, we are generating a new, positive storyline – one that shows them holistically as heroes, healers (therapy dogs, etc.), rescue dogs, athletes and loyal and loving pets.

With your help, we can “change the conversation” from offering defensive explanations to engaging people with lovable characters through entertainment media.

And just as public perceptions have changed regarding other homeless pets – from Chihuahuas to Rottweilers – the same can be done for the millions of pit bulls who are still being killed for reasons of fear and prejudice.

Our goal is very simply for people to no longer view pit bulls as a special category of dog – but, instead, as just a dog.