Elderbull Sasha’s Happy Ending!

April 25, 2016  

sasha adopt me
By: Florida Keys SPCA

The day has come….Sasha has found her forever home!

sasha fabulous

Last August we found Sasha in awful conditions with no shelter. She had a piece of wood stuck in her eye and was covered in dirt. At 10 years old, it was clear that Sasha had a long history of a very tough life, so we decided it would be best for her to come to the shelter and find a family to love throughout her golden years.

Once we got her bathed and medically cared for, we knew right away that she was a very happy dog and was still full of life. Even though she was here at the shelter for 8 months, her spirit never dampened. She was always wagging her tail, giving kisses and proved to be a staff favorite with her loving demeanor.

sasha smileIt took some time, but we knew this very special girl needed a wonderful home where she could get the attention, care and love she deserved. When Tim came in looking for a companion, he wanted to give an older dog a second chance at life and we knew that Sasha was the perfect fit.

Tim said after the first weekend with him, she knew she was home. He takes her swimming, for walks, lets her have lots of naps and makes sure she never goes a day without hugs and kisses. Pictured to the right is Sasha heading home with Tim. Check out that smile! Even though we will miss her greatly at the shelter, we are so happy that her tale has a happy ending!


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Thank you Florida Keys SPCA for taking such great care of Sasha

while she found her perfect home!

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