A Tribute to the Best G: Gigi

August 10, 2015  

Below is a very special tribute to Gigi (who was on the inside cover of the very first StubbyDog calendar) written by her mom, Kelly Citrin Blankfeld. Gigi was diagnosed with cancer in January and she passed on April 15. Fly high sweet girl.


We rescued her from death row six years ago. She had three strikes against her – she was a pit bull, she had bilateral ‘scars’ on her sides, and she was six years old. We were her last chance. Knowing it would be a difficult integration, we took her.

gigi6 (2)Her ‘scars’ turned out to be severe alopecia from untreated hypothyroidism her whole life. We called them her racing stripes. Every superhero needs their signature.

WOW – did she enjoy her freedom ride. She started her life in the shelter as a puppy, was adopted by a couple, lived with them for five years until they got divorced and dropped her back at the shelter. She knew she was going to her forever home. She was a very, very smart girl.

gigi2She came home to her new fur sister, Anna, and fur brother, Rosco, and it was a tough integration, but we made it through. They turned out to be an awesome pack. Gigi was always at my side. She followed me wherever I went – the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room – and if I was outside, she wouldn’t go in until I was ready. She was truly my guardian angel.

She loved PILLOWS. She would stack as many pillows as possible up and lay on top of them. At nighttime, she would sleep between my husband and me on the pillows by our heads. She also loved PUPLATES – a mixture of super low impact agility, stretching and work on the ball to strengthen her core. And she loved TRICKS. She was highly treat motivated and super smart, so she excelled in Tricks class and could high five, play dead, spin and twirl, bow and more. And she loved people. She thought everyone who came over was there to see her and she would jump up on the couch and go right over and either lay on them or right next to them.

gigi5When it came time for us to let her go, she let us know. We euthanized her at home and I thank God and Dr. Foster that it was so humane and peaceful. She was in my lap looking out the window as she drifted off, surrounded by her human and furry family. She leaves behind her fur sister, Ayla (white), and her fur brother, Brutus (brindle), both rescued pit bulls who she mentored into amazing pups. Her brother, Brutus, is a certified therapy dog (CGC, NCTD) who went from rescue to certified therapy dog in 358 days! Her sister, Ayla, was severely abused, but is doing so much better and has stepped up to take over for Gigi in the barking to protect the house department.

I miss her to pieces and still think of her every day, most of the day. I strangely feel like she hasn’t crossed the bridge yet. I think maybe she’s waiting for me to be ok with everything and let her go…

“Forever in my heart….I will always love you and miss you. You were the best G ever. No one could have loved a G more than I love you. Be at peace with Anna and Rosco over the bridge…”


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2 Responses to “A Tribute to the Best G: Gigi”
  1. Simon says:

    If it wasn’t for the tip of their ears you could easily be fooled into thinking that Gigi and my dear Olive are exactly the same dog (Olive’s ears were completely pointy) Even though Olive was luckier than Gigi as she only knew one home from very early in her life, both girls went away having known what is like to be loved and cared for as every dog should. Sadly the other similarity is that both went way victims of cancer (lymphoma in Olive’s case). I was going to use the word coincidence but far to many dogs are falling victims of these desease in increasing numbers, something that should be looked at as surely we have to be doing something wrong.

    I haven’t been able to close the tab in my browser were this article is showing since I first saw it yesterday.

  2. Connie says:

    What a beautiful story–how lucky Gigi was to have had the home of every dog’s dreams. There are so very many dogs of all breeds that could be “someone” if they were ever given a chance. It is really so overwhelming often. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story and thank you for being so extraordinary and no amount of modesty will remove that word from you and your family!!