Home Owners Insurance for Pit Bull Parents

June 2, 2015  

By: Amanda Rosenblatt, VA Home Loan Centers

10317620_10203570792292180_1897419848890312136_oPit Bulls are truly a hot topic. I mean, really, Huffington Post has its own niche page called HuffPost Pitbulls, which you can see by clicking here.

Pit bull families are just like anyone else, but sometimes finding homeowners insurance can be a challenge. This is an issue being widely spoken of, even by dog-owner President Obama himself. Discriminating against dog families should be illegal in all states, but today only two states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, have enacted legislation prohibiting breed discrimination by insurance companies.

Your biggest ally will be a homeowners insurance policy that has a “canine liability policy”. The best company to seek out in California when you are a Pit Bull family is Einhorn Insurance, an insurance group that advocates for pit bull type dogs. Einhorn’s admirable dog liability info is at this page. Dori at the insurance company even has a page of tips to make it easier for Pit Bull and other dog families to find a place to rent at this page.

Particular insurances that offer dog specific policies are the Lester Kalmanson Agency and Evolution Insurance Brokers. Other companies that do not particularly discriminate against breed but will vary agency to agency are State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, USAA, Fireman’s Fund, Chubb, Mercury, and Xinsurance.

Spencer Lund, who is a Farmers agent servicing Oregon and Washington (he states he can help those in others states, but unfortunately not California), has gained publicity from a Huffington Post piece on this subject. He makes it well known that his agency will not deny policies due to dog breed.

The American Veterinary Medical Association published a study in 2013 on dog bite related fatalities from the year 2000 through 2009. Over 80 percent of the 256 measured fatalities could not be determined by breed. So on what are insurance companies basing their discriminatory policies?

A great approach for insurance companies, if they want to gain more clients and keep more families together, is this: judge each dog as an individual, based on that dog’s own history, not his breed.

Over half of the country’s population resides with companion animals, and there is surmounting evidence as to the benefits associated with making these animals members of our families. In addition to physical benefits (dog families tend to be healthier!) and psychological benefits (lower instances of depression), we have to count the everyday laughs and cuddles that animals provide us. We should all have the right, as responsible home and dog owners, to share our homes with any type of dog, and be insured.


va logo clearAmanda Rosenblatt is a dog owner, and writer, with VA Home Loan Centers, which helps veterans, military families and their furry friends into their own homes. Visit their site here or call for home loan info at 888-573-4496.

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