Meet Mr. March: Brutus

March 31, 2015  


By: Anna Nichols

In November of 2005 I rescued my first pittie, something that I never thought I would do as I believed the bad information that was out there, which I’m sorry I believed for so long. I fell in love with the breed and by February of 2006 I was ready to open my home to another pit bull. I answered an ad on craigslist for someone looking to get rid of a male that they didn’t have any use for anymore. I drove about 45 minutes one very cold and snowy evening to see Brutus. When I arrived I was given the background of the dog that they were preparing me to meet.

They cautioned me that he was a retired junk yard dog who didn’t really like being around people. They told me that he wasn’t mean but that he preferred to be by himself, that he didn’t play, and that he was a very picky eater. They had been tossing cheeseburgers over the chain link fence but failed to provide him with ample dog food. I was told that since he wouldn’t play with toys that I was welcome to take home the dog toys they had for my other dog. They handed me a rope toy and gave me a final warning that he was a big boy and didn’t know his own strength. I asked him where he was as I had yet to see the mammoth, antisocial dog that they were warning me about. I was told that they had just moved into this house and that Brutus was not allowed inside.

Brutus caught cuddlingHe was being kept in a dark unheated garage without much human interaction. I prepared myself as they opened the door and an 80 pound 4 year old male came charging out. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous as he spotted me and came towards me, until my eyes met his. He came right up to me, went to his hind legs as he wrapped his front legs in a hug around me, and he kissed me. My heart melted as he continued to demand my attention, even playing with the toy I was holding that the owners told me that he wouldn’t touch. They tried to get me to pay a high rehoming fee but it was clear that they weren’t caring for him properly. I offered them a choice and luckily they made the best one possible. I didn’t get to give him a good look that evening but when I got home I found he had broken off teeth from chewing on rocks and tires in the junk yard, he had dry itchy skin and overgrown nails. I cleaned him up and got him fixed.

We were inseparable. I went through an abusive relationship, one that Brutus emotionally and physically saved me from. He is the reason that I am still here today. At times he has been my only friend and he has always been my best friend. Brutus greats me when I come home, refuses to sleep in his puppy bed, and snuggles me until I leave for work the next day. He is my world and I can’t imagine my life without him. Brutus is now 12 years old and he is just as ornery as the day I brought him home. He is my rock, he is my love, he is my Bru-Bru, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to save him because he has saved me so many times. I have learned one thing through our years together, no matter how bad the day is Brutus kisses fix everything.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely story about Brutus. It’s wonderful that you found each other.