The Story of Sheba

February 20, 2015  

By: Sayoko Murase 


Today seems like a good a day as any to share with you the story of Sheba.  She is my sweet baby girl, my partner in crime, and the reason I pick up my camera every day.  But more importantly, she is a survivor on many fronts.  Like Misty, she was one of many pit bulls who were on death row at the NYC Animal Care and Control.  Also a victim of human greed, she was used for breeding, only to be tossed out onto the street.

Sheba-at-shelterSheba’s life was spared thanks to the efforts of an animal rescue organization in New York that stepped up to give her a second chance.  But her fight was not over yet.  Veterinarians found that Sheba was battling cancer and they were not optimistic about her outlook.  Maybe she had a few weeks or months if she was lucky.  The goal was to give her some time to enjoy what was left of her life.  I first met Sheba after the rescue group asked me to take care of her for a few days after her surgery.  I didn’t know back then that those few days would turn into forever but I am sure glad that she found her way into our home and our hearts.  This past June, we celebrated one year with Sheba.  That’s SEVEN dogs years!!

sheba3Aside from occasional tummy aches, she is staying strong and happier than ever.  She’s even gained almost 20 pounds so there’s more of her to love.  Every day, she makes us laugh with her crazy antics, like diving off the furniture or doing zoomies in the living room.  Each of these moments makes me realize how fortunate we are that she is still with us, happy and smiling.  More than anything, we cherish this opportunity we have to show her that life can be good.  So here’s to many more dog years of spoiling this baby girl.  She certainly deserves it!

sheba1Update: This month, Sheba celebrated her 20 month anniversary with her family!

They celebrated with cupcakes, which unfortunately she could not eat, but she had plenty of her grain-free peanut butter cookies that Sayoko bakes from scratch.  Stay tuned for that recipe, and make sure to follow Sayoko’s blog here.

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