Ms. February 2015: Rosie

February 14, 2015  

By: Kasey Corbett

“Rosie completes our family.  There isn’t one person that meets her and just doesn’t feel an instant connection with her.  She truly is an amazing ambassador for her misunderstood breed.”


While out on a walk the other day, I of course couldn’t help but notice a couple about my fiancé and I’s age just glaring over at my furr family. Caught off guard I looked at the girls, on leashes, staring at the sunset over the water and really soaking in every second with each other in this blissful moment. As they walked by, I could feel the awkwardness and their strong, cold glares and the woman seriously stops and says, “Really? People still have pit bulls?”  In absolute mortification, I made eye contact with my fiancé and said, “Wow.”  At that the woman’s boyfriend turned around and quietly said he was sorry for his girlfriend’s ignorance. While there were many other things I could have said, I let Rosie speak for herself, sitting there, butt still on the ground in sitting position as they passed by us, not taking her eyes off the lake.

10514073_313612052158937_498962484_aIt was in this moment I learned that sometimes silence is the best comeback. Because as the boyfriend apologized, all he could fixate his eyes on was my beautiful Rosie, as polite and well-mannered as she could be. These pyramids are our way of showing our support for Rosie. There is no pyramid without Rosie. There would be no happiness in life without Rosie!

End BSL, end the ignorance.

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3 Responses to “Ms. February 2015: Rosie”
  1. Marlene says:

    Rosie is beautiful…Some people shouldn’t say anything Pit bulls are the best dogs with a bad rap.

  2. Arleen Rutten says:

    Beautiful anecdote…Beautiful ROSIE ♥…the biggest muscle in a pit bull is his heart☺

  3. Ann Cluck says:

    Rosie is a Pittie with class!!