Make Michigan Next!

October 28, 2014  


On September 17th, more than 500 Michigan voters came together to rally at the State Capitol in Lansing to make Michigan the 20th state in the country to prohibit breed discriminatory policies. To see a highlight of the rally click here.



The campaign, named Make Michigan Next, is backed by a coalition of animal welfare organizations who aim to introduce and enact a statewide ban on breed discriminatory legislation and to replace the existing discriminatory laws throughout Michigan with responsible pet ownership laws.


They based their demands on two important facts: (1) Breed discrimination violates the rights of property owners and (2) Breed discrimination does NOT make communities any safer.


michigan3We caught up with one of the groups in the coalition, the Michigan Pit Bull Education Project (MPEP), to learn a little more about their efforts. Founder Terry Hodskins has been rescuing pit bulls for almost 9 years and has helped dozens of families keep their dogs at home. MPEP is dedicated to helping families keep ALL their family members together by encouraging landlords and insurance companies to treat each dog as an individual and not discriminate against a family based on the breed or type of dog owned. They’ve compiled a list of Michigan landlords with no breed restrictions that can be found here. MPEP also promotes spay/neuter programs to help lower the amount of pit bull type dogs entering shelters and works to end the chaining of dogs. Make sure you follow them on Facebook here.

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