StubbyDog Expands Mission to Include Community Outreach

September 4, 2014  

puppies4StubbyDog is stepping out into the community and helping pit bull dogs AND their people wherever we can! While our mission remains to end breed discrimination in all its forms and to help people “Rediscover the Pit Bull” as the loving family members they are, it is also part of our mission to keep dogs OUT of shelters. To do this, we’ve started a Spay/Neuter Fund and we’re reaching out to offer resources in our community. Next month, we’ll be partnering with the Sula Foundation in New Orleans to hold a pop-up community clinic providing vaccinations, microchipping, and heartworm testing for local dogs, as well as signing dogs up for FREE spay/neuter!

Here’s a little bit on our latest adventure:

We received word that a Good Samaritan found a pregnant stubby dog on the street and took her in. This family was only a few hours from one of our Board members so we gathered some supplies and took the trip over. The Good Samaritans were so grateful! We fell in love with Mama Dog and her babies. We couldn’t even get photos of Mama Dog because she’s so wiggly and happy that all her photos are blurry!

puppies3Mama Dog, now called “Sister,” will be vetted and spayed and we’ll also be providing spay/neuter for all the puppies. Aren’t they precious?! We hate to think what could’ve happened to them if they were born on the street, or had been taken to their local rural shelter.  Thank goodness for foster families!

The family who is caring for Sister and her babies has decided to adopt Sister! Awesome news!! Their landlord has approved Sister and is requiring a $500 pet fee. If you’d like to help them cover this, please visit the family’s Go Fund Me page here.  Thank you!!

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