Sirius: Neutered & Proud!

July 11, 2014  

By: Kate Devine


Sirius Lee Beige (aka Sirius, Beige, the Beigeman and a myriad of other nicknames) was only supposed to stay for a few days, a week at the most…that was over 3 years ago. His mom was a pregnant stray pulled out of New York Animal Care and Control by a rescue group. She was brought to the boarding kennel where I have worked for the past 4 years where she safely had her puppies and proved to be a wonderful mother and overall loving dog. Once they were old enough to go home, each of his littermates (and mom too!) went to their new families…everyone except Sirius. I brought home that last puppy, just calling him Little Dude at the time-doing my best not to get attached, to start to train him and get him used to life in a house. One day I came home to find that he had climbed out of his pen and found his way all the way up the stairs, down the hall and into a pile of my clothes where he was in a deep, puppy sleep. That was the moment I knew that this dog was mine.

In our 3 years together since I signed those adoption papers we’ve dealt with a broken leg at 4 months old and the resulting early-onset arthritis, allergies and some fear-related behaviors. His unwavering spirit, happiness and playfulness through all of these issues have proven time and time again how resilient and strong Sirius (and dogs in general, really) can be. Watching my little man, from just hours after he was born, grow into a smart, strong, loyal and goofy dog despite his obstacles made me want to be a voice for the dogs who are less lucky than Sirius- who may not have grown up in a loving home or have a person in their corner to help them over their hurdles.

Working at a boarding kennel where we always have foster dogs from local rescue groups allows me to spend some time doing what I can to help a few more dogs find that person or family who will give them a chance. I went through a program to become a certified obedience trainer and use positive reinforcement to teach some basic manners to dogs looking for new families to love. Photography has also always been a hobby of mine and I have used that to help promote foster dogs (and at some point we’ve all read an article somewhere about how helpful a good photograph can be in catching the eye of a potential adopter). It may not be much, but every little bit helps for those dogs that I come to know and love more and more each day.

Sirius continues to be that happy, playful boy that he always has been and makes me smile every day. He’s always ready for a good cuddle with his people or as many kisses as we’ll allow him to plant on us. He’s a backyard explorer; always looking for wildlife – chasing frogs is his favorite (no frogs are hurt in his games of chase). Most of the time you can find him sprawled out on the furniture with his 2 canine sisters Stitches and Stella, playing with his bunny brother Scaramouche or playing ball – that boy lives to play ball. I jokingly call him my accidental puppy, but he constantly reminds me of all of the ways he snuggled, licked and wagged his way into my heart and that is where he will stay.

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One Response to “Sirius: Neutered & Proud!”
  1. Marlene says:

    Aw Sirius is a very beautiful boy.