Hazel: Spayed & Fabulous!

July 11, 2014  

By: Alanna Gracie


Hazel was born on the 6th of February 2013. My boyfriend and I rescued her on the 12th of April from being put to sleep at the local SPCA. I was looking for a pit bull and she was brought in from another shelter. Where we live in New Zealand, pit bulls will often not be adopted out because they’re labeled as dangerous, but now there are more and more organizations who are starting to give these innocent dogs the chance they deserve.

Since adopting Hazel, she has completed puppy classes, obedience classes, a tracking course, an advanced tracking course, novice trick dog title and a beginners agility course. I want to show people that pit bulls are as intelligent, loving, and loyal as any other breed of dog.


I recently decided I wanted to try pet therapy with her. I applied at a place called Canine Friends, which advertises testing all breeds for therapy certification. I sent in the application after taking Hazel into the local resthome on my own. Hazel was very good with everyone and they all seemed to love her including the manager who wasn’t too sure about letting a pit bull visit at first. We got a reply from Canine Friends saying they refused to test Hazel because they do not test “dangerous dogs.” It was then that I decided I had to prove them wrong. I decided to take Hazel into the resthome fortnightly and start educating people on pit bulls.

I hope in time we can move into other resthomes and hospitals. Hazel’s Facebook page now has over 7,000 followers and some of our followers have even told us that Hazel has changed their minds about pit bull type dogs! We fundraise for different charities like chained dog awareness and Waikato SPCA and at the same time Hazel is out in the public meeting lots of new people and showing her community that pit bulls are just dogs, really great ones!

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2 Responses to “Hazel: Spayed & Fabulous!”
  1. Carolynne Palmer says:

    Recently joined Hazels facebook. Shes wonderful too.

  2. Marlene Todd says:

    Aw Hazel is a beautiful girl. Congrats on being a therapy dog.