Fozzy’s Happy Ending!

June 23, 2014  

By: Florida Keys SPCA

fozzy 3 c

Fozzie came to us with no name, no owner, and no history! He was waiting for us in our overnight pen when we arrived at work one morning. His head was huge, his ears were tiny, and his smile was wide! We all instantly fell in love, but knew he would not be an easy adoption.

Fozzy1He was an adolescent with no manners and a lot of power. One day, a young woman came to the shelter and asked to meet him.  Lots of people had asked about Fozzie, but no one showed the kind of devotion to him that Noelle did.

EVERY day for weeks she came to visit him after work! Some days he was calm; some days he was wild. But she was never deterred and always returned the next day to spend time with him. She sent daily “Fozzie photos” to her husband Mark, who was out of town for work at the time.

When Mark returned and finally got to meet Fozzie for himself, the budding relationship became a three-way love affair and Fozzie found himself a fantastic forever home. Congratulations, Fozzie! You have two wonderful people and even a new kitty in your life!


Update from Adopters:

“He is doing great! We are working on his excitement and manners outside the house. At home he’s such a love bug and calm. Notice the cat is sleeping in her bed too.” – Noelle

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2 Responses to “Fozzy’s Happy Ending!”
  1. selwyn marock says:

    Beautiful Doggy

  2. Thank you so much for adopting this wonderful pit bull and not allowing him to become just an appalling statistic.