Your Dog Can Save Lives!!

May 27, 2014  

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Did you know that YOUR dog has the power to SAVE LIVES? You always knew your dog was special, right?!

Overpopulation of companion animals has reached extreme levels and way too many beautiful, healthy, and loving animals are dying in our shelters simply because we don’t have enough homes for them. Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of those dogs are Stubby Dogs. It’s time we did something about this!


Enter, vote in, and share our Neutered & Proud / Spayed & Fabulous photo contest! The top 3 Neutered & Proud photos and the top 3 Spayed & Fabulous photos will be transformed into flyers and posters promoting spay/neuter, and will be distributed to communities all around the country. The funds raised from this photo contest will then go straight into covering the costs of spay/neuter surgeries, which means that your photos and your VOTES will be SAVING LIVES!!

First place winner in the Neutered & Proud category and first place winner in the Spayed & Fabulous category will each receive an 18 x 24 custom painting by Lillian Aguinaga of Painted Paws Studio. This is a $375 value!!! Winners only need to cover shipping costs for their beautiful custom paintings!


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