BDL Continues to Attack Our Military Families

May 12, 2014  


Victor Nelson has honorably served our country for nearly 20 years, deploying 7 times. He and his wife, Christina, adopted a sweet mixed breed dog named Mazzy about four years ago. When Mazzy’s dad was stationed at Ft. Polk, Louisiana, they had no idea that their lives would be turned completely upside down. You see, it turned out that Mazzy was not welcome in the small town where the Nelsons moved.

The last few months have been a grueling battle of small town politics. Mazzy’s parents have remained incredibly strong through this process and are not giving up. They are fighting for their girl, because that’s what family does. The Nelsons removed Mazzy from town to keep her safe, but she’s been away from home now for over 6 months and it has taken its toll. She’s currently in a boarding kennel, and while the Nelsons visit her regularly, it is incredibly stressful for all involved.

mazzy2Last month, a dedicated legal team put together a lawsuit against the town of New Llano challenging the constitutionality of the town’s pit bull ban. The town’s law allows the town to identify and seize a pit bull without any type of hearing, which is a violation of our due process rights since dogs are considered personal property and a government may not take away our property without due process. The town’s law also does not provide a way to legally defend against their decision that a dog is a pit bull. In this town, all it takes is an official to say that he/she believes the dog to be a pit bull, and that will be the end of the story. There is no process or procedure in place for a family to defend their dog.

“People need to know what BDL does to families, and I know this struggle will have been for a reason,” said Christina. “I know Mazzy will be home again, and because of her sacrifice, people will have learned more about these laws, and maybe future dogs will be saved from this.”

Christina has expressed how thankful the family is for their incredible legal team who continues to give this case their all.

Boarding costs and legal fees are adding up. If you’d like to help the Nelsons with these costs please visit their fundraising page here.  Every little bit helps!  You can also follow Mazzy’s journey on Facebook.

Update: We have an auction for Mazzy!  Check it out here.


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