Meet Pretty Girl Poppy!

April 27, 2014  


Poppy’s owner had been living in his car for at least a week with five adult dogs and two of Poppy’s puppies. When the owner decided to release all of the dogs out of his car at one time in a busy area, animal control was able to catch all 7 dogs. Sadly, once at the shelter, all of the other dogs were euthanized, except for Poppy and one of her puppies.  Knowing that Poppy was on the euthanasia list and the local pit bull rescues were full, two kind-hearted individuals saved her from death and took her into their home.  They’ve been working on finding Poppy the loving home she deserves.

Poppy3Poppy is a breathtakingly beautiful girl who is already spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations. She gets along well with the resident dogs in her foster home and just loves her foster parents.  She would do just fine in a home with other dogs, but as always, slow and careful introductions are recommended to allow each dog to get comfortable with the other.  She would, however, prefer a home without cats.

Poppy’s foster mom, Danielle, is searching for either a forever family for Poppy or a rescue group who would like to take her in.  They are near College Station, Texas.

Please send an email to Danielle Dittrich at for more information!  Thank you!!

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