Meet Lola the Pitty!

March 11, 2014  


By: Sarah Lukemire, Lola’s Mom

Meet Lola, a one and a half year old pit bull mix that had quite the interesting start to life. We found out about Lola when a friend-of-a-friend asked us if we knew anyone who wanted a dog. The family that asked us were the ones taking care of Lola (formerly Chevelle) and were going to have to surrender her to a rescue or shelter if no one would take her. Turns out the family that had been caring for Lola, took her into their home when she was barely two weeks old. Lola’s parents were taken out of state and her entire litter was left behind, with no one to care for them. Luckily someone found out about the puppies and found homes for them.

LOLA2We had been volunteering at a local animal rescue and had not really been considering getting our own dog at that point but we could not resist Lola and agreed to give her a home. It was seriously the best decision of our lives.

When Lola was about a year old, we started her Facebook page to share our adventures with everyone. We were shocked at the amount of support and friends we made in a short period of time. I decided that out of my love for animals, wanting to continue to advocate for pit bulls and other breeds that are discriminated against, as well as continue to share our adventures with our (now) two dogs, that I would start a blog for us, named Lola the Pitty.

The blog is just one of the ways that we continue to advocate for pit bulls by educating and spreading positive awareness. We are also currently in intermediate obedience training with Lola and plan to train our other pit bull mix (Rio, who we adopted in October of 2013) to become a therapy dog. Both Lola and Rio are very friendly and when out in public are glad to ‘show off’ for treats and greet you with a wagging tail.



Lola and Rio have given us so much happiness. They give us something to look forward to after a rough day at work; we are always greeted with the wiggliest of butts. And it is a great feeling when we are out in public and someone asks, “Is that a pit bull?” and we can proudly say yes. We will continue to advocate for the breed and show the true nature of pit bulls.

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