Victims of Dog Fighting in Ohio Finally Seen as Victims

February 10, 2014  


Just over one year ago, on January 31, 2013, the Toledo Police Department discovered a group of dogs chained and caged in a vacant house on South Fearing Boulevard.  These dogs would come to be known as “The Fearing Six” and are the first victims of dog fighting in Ohio to be considered just that: victims.

Until 2012, pit bull terrier like dogs were deemed “inherently dangerous” under Ohio state law and, therefore, were immediately killed without any opportunity to be evaluated or rehabilitated. Things are different now, and for the first time in Lucas County, dogs rescued from a fighting operation will be given a second chance.  The first rehabilitated dog of the “Fearing Six,” a sweet girl named Joy has already been adopted.  Another, Georgia, has been taken into foster care.  Georgia was so friendly towards both people and other dogs that she was even able to take part in play groups at the county shelter. Georgia’s namesake is one of the “Vicktory Dogs,” those dogs rescued from the Bad News Kennels of Michael Vick.  “We wanted to honor the efforts of her forever family and all the work they’ve done in trying to reach out and help other victims of dog fighting,” said Jean Keating of Lucas County Pit Crew, the rescue group responsible for getting Joy and Georgia out of the shelter.  Lucas County Pit Crew will soon be taking in a third dog from the group, Mopsy, though resources are limited.

MaCaelaUnfortunately, two the Fearing Six had to be euthanized for public safety reasons, which leaves only one: MaCaela (pictured right). MaCaela is a black and white female, around 4-5 years old. She shows signs of having been bred, is missing a portion of her right ear, has many scars, and is Babesia positive.  Despite this, she will roll over on her back for belly rubs and wants nothing more than to be loved by people! MaCaela did well on her handling tests. She was called a “likable girl, appropriately submissive, eager to connect with handlers,” by BADRAP.  She will need careful management around other dogs while she learns to trust again. She just needs a rescue group to take her in and give her that chance.

Julie Lyle, Director of the Lucas County Canine Care and Control, has been reaching out to rescues across the country, but with little luck.  “Everyone who can take these dogs is full,” she said.  Her life may be at risk if a rescue group is not found soon.

Please spread the word for sweet MaCaela as her time is limited.  The law finally says she can live.  Now we need someone to step up for her and make sure that second chance happens!

Read more about the Fearing Six on the Toledo Blade here.

FUNRAISING UPDATE: StubbyDog will be holding an online auction for the Fearing Six from February 12th – 19th, as well as a raffle!  All proceeds to benefit the rescue groups who take members of the Fearing Six into their care. Happy Bidding! Click here for auction items!

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5 Responses to “Victims of Dog Fighting in Ohio Finally Seen as Victims”
  1. Marilyn Lombardi says:

    Contact Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah for help with McCaela. They had the original Michael Vick Georgia, as well as many of the Vicktory dogs. If anyone can help McCaela, it is Best Friends!!

    • Jacque Johnson says:

      Ironically enough, McCaela did end up at Best Friends, but as our dog, not a sanctuary dog. Occasionally she comes to work with me at the sanctuary.


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