“Maybe” is Definitely a Catch!

February 14, 2014  

By Lynn Utecht BS, CVT

Maybe - Freedom Ride - Smile

Freedom Ride! Check out that smile!


This is my Second Hand Hounds foster ‘Maybe.’  After being found as a stray, the police had brought her to impound at South Saint Paul Animal Hospital. No one came to claim her and it was very obvious she recently had puppies. I thought ‘how sad.’ I continued to see her posted on Facebook with no one interested in adopting or fostering her. I thought she was beauteous! But I had no live in experience with a pit-bull and wondered if she would be nice… One day, on the SSPAH post it said an anonymous donor had come in and paid for Maybe to be spayed! The donor didn’t want Maybe to be euthanized and thought that maybe, just maybe someone would want her after she was fixed.


Maybe - foster sister Sugar

Maybe with her foster sister, Sugar


Well, that someone was me. I could not leave her one more day in the pound- even though SSPAH takes EXCELLENT care of the animals brought in, Maybe had been there too long and was going ‘kennel crazy.’ I had seen kennel crazy before and it’s not a pretty sight. So, I had recently been accepted as a foster with Second Hand Hounds, and I asked if I could take Maybe as a foster. They said yes!


Maybe - sharing

Maybe sharing with her foster siblings


Maybe has had her ups and downs since coming to live at my place, but she has learned how to live in a multi- dog household. She does like male dogs better than females, but after an introductory period she is also fine with females.


Maybe - Drinking with Friends

Just having a drink with friends


Maybe is in training now and I plan to continue her education until she finds her furever home. She is super house trained and loves her kennel, though I rarely kennel her now because she never has accidents or chews on things.


Maybe is the most loyal and cuddly dog you will ever meet. She will lay by your side and sleep and snore all night.

Maybe - looking for home

She will make a dog-momma, poppa, or kid a loving companion for life.



For more information contact Lynn Utecht at 651-245-0838 or Second Hand Hounds.




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2 Responses to ““Maybe” is Definitely a Catch!”
  1. Lynn Utecht says:

    Thank-you so much for featuring Maybe on your site. She is a great pooch and will make someone very happy!

  2. Leanne says:

    This looks like my baby boy, Broseph. They could be siblings!