Say Hello to Athens!

January 3, 2014  


By Rachel Johnson

Little Friends Foundation, a not-for profit 501(c)(3) animal shelter/rescue, was founded 2 years ago.  The founders have provided the majority of our funding since day one.  Sadly, we have recently been informed that they will no longer be providing this funding and that we are to be shut down at the end of Jan 2014.

We have pursued every option available to stay open, but it is not possible.  We have found homes for all of our dogs and cats except for Athens.  We have until Jan 31 to find him his perfect home, or to find a no-kill rescue group willing to take him as a transfer.

His life is not in danger.  He will not be surrendered to a kill shelter.

Athens is still looking for his perfect match. He is a 2 yr old pit bull terrier mix. One of the smartest dogs we have ever met, he is very active and would love a home where he gets a lot of exercise and play.

athens2Abandoned as a pup, Athens is wary of strangers. It takes time for him to trust new people. As such, his ideal family will have a lot of experience working with dogs, particularly fearful ones.

Athens needs to be the only pet in the home.

If you are interested in meeting Athens, please call Little Friends Foundation at 702-463-9995.

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