Princess: Bomb Sniffing Dog, Victim of Breed Discrimination

January 13, 2014  


By Humane Society for Hamilton County

Princess has spent most of her life with us at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. She arrived as a lost puppy in August 2007, and she stole everyone’s heart. Just 10 weeks old at the time, her puppy breath was intoxicating! She got adopted almost immediately; I mean look at that puppy face! And then, a year and half went by… the little puppy grew up, and she was returned to us.

And here Princess sat for several months…until one day a dog trainer noticed her intense ball drive. She was given a variety of tests to see if she just might be a good police dog candidate, and she passed them all with flying colors. Yes, Princess was accepted into a very special training program where she learned how to detect bombs.

Princess2The requirements to move on as a military bomb sniffing dog were a 95% accuracy rate… BUT for Pit Bulls, it is 98% as they’re so heavily scrutinized. Princess reached her 95% score, but because she fell short of the 98%, she didn’t make it. She returned to the shelter hoping to find a home, again. And soon she did. The perfect human companion came along, someone who enjoyed outdoor activities just like she did. For a year her life was magical, just the two of them. But unfortunately her owner found himself in a position where he needed to move in with roommates. After getting out of her collar one day while being walked by the roommates, he felt it was in her best interest to return her to us. Since she doesn’t do great with other animals, he couldn’t guarantee his roommates would never set her up to fail, and it was a risk he wasn’t willing to take.

Princess is a real “people person,” for example during her latest temperament test she gave the tester kisses when she was hugging her. She is excited when she plays, but not roughly. She loves toys (her favorite toy is a basketball that she likes to carry around with her) and likes to play tug-of-war. She does not guard her food or toys! Because she can jump very high and is extremely athletic, she should never be left alone outside.

Princess3Princess is now 5 years and waiting patiently, but we know she is sad about being back at the shelter. We would like Princess to go to a home with kids 16 or older who can be responsible in following her leash/walking rules. She is a cuddle-bug and would love a home where she could be the only animal and share most of her time with her loving owners. Being a natural athlete, Princess will do best with plenty of exercise.


She is so popular that she has her very own Facebook page.  See what she’s up to here.


For more information:

Humane Society for Hamilton County

1721 Pleasant Street, Suite B

Noblesville, IN  46060

(317) 219-3324 – Direct

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7 Responses to “Princess: Bomb Sniffing Dog, Victim of Breed Discrimination”
  1. I’ve been following Princess on fb for a yr now.. breaks my heart she still hasn’t found a loving home. She is such a sweet girl an so smart ! She’s gonna make an awesome addition to someone’s family. Thank You for sharing her story !!

  2. Holly says:

    Why doesn’t the shelter try getting her a job in another state? I’m sure a 95% accuracy rate will do somewhere for any breed
    Get your lawyers on it. This is clearly discrimination.
    But I’d say a little lateral thinking would help this girl most.

  3. Marlene says:

    Aw she is such a beautiful dog. I hope she gets adopted soon.

  4. Cari says:

    Why not some other type of scenting? Drugs, missing persons, cadavers, cancer, bed bugs….She could easily be put to work. It doesn’t have to be with the military.

  5. Renee says:

    If I did not have a little dog she would be a perfect pet for me but it appears Princess needs to be a solo act. I will keep my fingers crossed that someone will adopt her. If she could do the bomb sniffing almost perfectly I believe she could be trained to do other work or even participate in agility training. This appears to be an intelligent animal that needs regular exercise and structure. Adopters will need to be patient and understand that like children who get moved in and out of homes it takes a while for a mature dog to adjust and trust she won’t be abandoned again. However, once that bond is made both owner and pet will have a great life together. With the right mind set Princess has a lot of potential! I will spread the word to help find her forever home.

  6. Beverly says:

    WHAT THE WHAT ??? How unfair is this ? If she has scent training, she could be such an asset. This is just heartbreaking.

  7. Angie says:

    Princess has been adopted and is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming. He is a veteran suffering from PTSD.