Havarti: The BEST dogs wait the LONGEST!

January 16, 2014  


Affectionately known as “The Cheeseman” (who happens to have his own Facebook page!) Havarti has been in rescue in Ontario since he was just a wee pup – almost a year to be exact.

Sweet and soulful, this young man has had a bit of an uphill battle.  He was mislabeled as a baby, so there was a concern for his safety in BSL stricken Ontario.  He grew up to be a gorgeous mutt (though honorary bully for us!), and whatever the Bull & Terrier in him is, that’s a bonus!

Havarti1 cHavarti has struggled with some attachment issues in foster care. He has so much love to give he really prefers to be with his people as opposed to alone. Thankfully, his devoted caregivers have worked very hard to alleviate these concerns and Havarti has become brilliantly crate trained and much more at ease when left alone.  But he’s still ALWAYS up for a cuddle and head scratch!

Havarti has already been through one set of PR+ obedience training classes – another added bonus for potential adopters!

He currently resides with some resident canines, and several humans varying in ages from wee to teenage; yet another plus! He is well socialized, gentle, and mannerly with everyone from toddlers to rowdy teenagers. Oh, and for the adult 2 leggers, this pooch has CHARACTER, and a fantastic sense of doggie humor!

The list of pluses for this gent could continue but really he needs to be met in person, taken for a hike and cuddled and snuggled for the full effect! Trust us! Visit his Petfinder page here.

Contact info@ador-a-bull.com with questions or for more information.  Thank you!


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