Thoughts of a Veteran

November 11, 2013  

Bubba FlagBy Robert Lochridge Anderson V, Former Marine Corps Captain


The military has a unique relationship with its personnel and their families, and they have much more control than most institutions.  The military and its commanders take very seriously their obligation to ensure the safety and military readiness of its service members and their families.

The commanders want to ensure that these members have happy, loving families—families that include their companion animals.  To ensure this safety and readiness, these commanders often have to make tough decisions, with the best intent.  With that in mind, military commanders have banned pit bulls from military housing.  However, as more information becomes available, it may be time to re-visit this policy.

The problem is banning the breed solely because it’s a breed.  Having safe housing filled with companion animals improving the quality of life for military personnel and their families is very important, but they have to do it properly and effectively and not by wrongfully blaming pit bulls, or other breeds.

Just two months after the Army banned pit bulls from family housing in 2009, the Army Veterinary Command proclaimed that banning breeds was an ineffective way to ensure this safe housing.  The experts spoke, saying that this military policy was ineffective.  Even though they were the experts, they did not make the command decision.  That changed in August of 2013, when the commander-in-chief spoke about the bad policy of banning pit bulls solely based on breed.  He said that “bans on certain types of dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources.”

In the spirit of Veterans’ Day, it’s time to remember those who served by allowing them to enjoy the companionship of these modern day Sergeant Stubbys.

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One Response to “Thoughts of a Veteran”
  1. Teri McCann says:

    Thanks you for such amazing words and thank you for your service!