Shelter Spotlight: Orange County, VA

November 17, 2013  

“We care for as long as it takes”




Protect the animals entrusted in our care

Find permanent homes for lost and abandoned pets

Promote responsible pet ownership

Improve quality of life in Orange County



What’s the best part of this rural Virginia county shelter? They are one of the few no-kill shelters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  “We do not euthanize for space, mild illness, length of stay, or breed.”

They also offer low cost vaccinations, spay/neuter certificates for local vet hospitals, speakers at schools and civic organizations, and pet care and problem solving to County residents.

The shelter is an open admission government facility, but they operate as a humane care center.  With the support of the community, donors, and volunteers, they are able to treat heartworm, mange, broken bones and other ailments. “Our volunteers give the exercise and attention that help keep our animals mentally and emotionally healthy while our staff members address physical needs.”  The shelter also partners with a multitude of east coast rescues.

For more information, visit the shelter’s website, or contact their Director Beth Hamilton at


FEATURED PROGRAM:  Coffeewood Canines

The Orange County Shelter has partnered with the Coffeewood Correctional Center located in Mitchells, Virginia, for the Coffeewood Canines program where often-overlooked dogs are paired with inmates who teach these dogs basic obedience skills and help socialize them in an effort to make them more adoptable. This flagship program began in 2009 and has been successful in finding homes for over 100 dogs.  There is also a human benefit.  In his July 15th memo, Coffeewood Counselor Charles E. Seal wrote, “In the short time the dogs have been here the building has taken on a more positive light. Their presence has been good for both the inmates and staff.”  Read more here.



Hattie, a longer-term resident full of puppyish play and a zeal for life.

Hattie is a lovely girl and very gentle with her food, toys and treats. Super affectionate, she wants to crawl into your lap, lean against you and be petted for as long as you are willing to receive puppy kisses! Hattie is eager to please and learns quite quickly. She enjoys regular exercise, walks nicely on leash and does well with crate-training. Hattie is not used to living with other animals so would need a new home where she could be the only pet. Hattie is well-suited for life as a companion and family pet in a home with older children who can handle her size and enthusiasm. She is playful and active. Hattie is a spayed female Pit Bull Terrier, 7 years of age. She has been vaccinated, tested and microchipped.



In Honor of Adopt a Senior Dog Month, we’d also like to highlight a few other sweet seniors at the Orange County shelter:

Jesse    deja  Lucy Ann copy


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