Rescue Spotlight: The Pit Stop

October 14, 2013  

MISSION:  To help save the lives of pit bull type dogs, one rescue at a time, and to raise awareness.

ABOUT: The Pit Stop is a Louisiana nonprofit organization comprised of an all-volunteer group of individuals dedicated to the rescue and prevention of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of pit bull type dogs.  They are a rescue group formed to be a voice and a safe haven for misunderstood, neglected and abused pit bull type dogs.

The Pit Stop operates with a foster home network throughout the state of Louisiana and pulls dogs at high risk of euthanasia at shelters.  If a foster home is unavailable, The Pit Stop works hard and closely with their local shelters networking and sharing these dogs until a home can be found.

CONTACT: to volunteer, foster, or otherwise get involved and help this amazing organization save more pit bull type dogs!  Visit for more information.


Austin2After a few long months at a local shelter, a family adopted Austin and had him for one month before surrendering him. The reason: his tail was knocking things off the table.  The shelter where he was surrendered did not adopt out pit bull type dogs so The Pit Stop stepped in.

Austin then had another long stay before being adopted to two sisters.  He was again surrendered.  This time, by a friend of the adopters, who said they had stopped feeding Austin, giving him water, and had left him tied to a tree.  He was again transferred back to his original shelter and is now awaiting the forever home that can give him the love he deserves.

Austin remains a trusting and happy boy despite his bad luck.

“Austin, no matter what he has endured, doesn’t have bad days. He simply wants someone to enjoy his days with and be loved.”

Read more about him here.

ADOPTION PROCESS: The adoption process begins with an application, followed by a home visit to where the dog will be living. Then, a “pup party” will be scheduled. A pup party is when the dog you are adopting spends a few days with you to make sure that everyone is the right fit for one another.

All of The Pit Stop dogs are micro-chipped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, tested and treated as necessary for heartworms and intestinal parasites, and are given monthly heartworm prevention and flea protection.

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3 Responses to “Rescue Spotlight: The Pit Stop”
  1. Nancy Piazza says:

    My son has a pitty and he is the best dog !!!!!
    He loves dogs, children, water, and puppy-treats.
    He is 5 yrs old and ,remains to be a grand example
    of what a Pit- Bull is when given a proper up-bringing
    with exercise, training , and LOVE !!!!

    People Need to realize that neutering their Pitties
    will keep theier pups out of the high-kill shelters and
    clear them out of so many rescues . They would have a home for life
    and be loved and well taken care of.. That’s my dream for this breed and ALL like breeds.Punish the Deed ,Not the Breed!

  2. Clint says:

    I’m in the process of adopting Austin right now! I met him today and he’s WONDERFUL! Probably the sweetest dog I’ve ever met!