Pit Bulls and Community Service

August 12, 2013  


The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, IL has an amazing humane education program.  They have programs geared for students in Pre-K all the way through high school and for adults as well.  One of their programs, led by Elliott Serrano, is geared towards Chicago area juvenile detention facilities.  This program, in the works now for over 7 years, takes dogs to visit detention centers to talk about what it means to be humane, kind, merciful, and compassionate.  Just recently, three rescued pit bull type dogs made a visit.  You can read more about that visit here.

At the end of this particular visit, one youth raised his hand and said: “If I had a dog over the last four years, I wouldn’t be in here right now. Dogs are more than just for tricks and stuff, they take time to care for and if I had one, I think it would have kept me off the streets with something to do.”  Talk about powerful. Dogs rescue their humans just as much (maybe more?) as humans rescue their dogs.  Many of these kids only know pit bulls as image enhancers and dogs forced to fight so their owners can make some money.  But these three amazing pit bull type dogs showed these kids that although they had been abused, they were rescued and rehabilitated and are now important members of their community, going out and helping others.  Pit bulls changing lives.  That’s some inspiration for your Monday morning.

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One Response to “Pit Bulls and Community Service”
  1. Debby Hanoka says:

    Well done! I love pitties! Never met one I didn’t like, or who didn’t like me! Woofs and waggawagga to all of you!