In Memory of Bosshog

June 12, 2013  

A loving tribute to a great dog who had the best life ever

One of the many wonderful things about StubbyDog photo contests is the chance to see our fans with their dogs, and to read their stories – some funny, some inspirational, and all of them deeply touching to us because of the love we can feel in every picture.

In our Father’s Day photo contest, Bruce Adams sent in a picture of himself with his dog, Bosshog. Only three days later, we found out that Bosshog’s health had taken a turn for the worse and Bruce had to humanely end his suffering. Bruce sent in this picture of Boss, along with an account of their time together, and we wanted to share their love story with you.

I got Boss when I went on a road trip to San Diego to visit my friend and he had just had a litter of pups. When we went out to see his band play that night, we came back to his house and the dogs had a party while we were gone, they chewed his furniture, and went to the bathroom in the house. We were a bit drunk and that night Bosshog slept on the couch with me, he was 6 weeks old. The next morning my friend said “you oughtta take that little sh*t when you leave today!” I said “I’ll take him if you’re giving him to me.” He said he would, and he also wanted to know who had him for his future. I put him in our truck and drove back to Colorado with him. Being that I’m a self employed screen printer, he has hardly ever been away from my side for more than a few days. We would walk every day for almost 14 years, he LOVED to swim with the geese at the lake, bark loud as H*ll, sleep with me always, eat of course, and I taught him how to beg really good seeing that he was my only son I could never tell him no! When we walked he never needed a leash, he didn’t care much for dog play as he got older, he actually could care less about other dogs…just me was enough. After 14 years of injuries and illnesses I spent a little over $10,000 on making sure he was always ok. I could find any and every injury he would ever have or get. I knew him and he knew me so well we didn’t need to speak, we talked with our eyes. Best dog I’ll ever have, I can’t top him, nor think I’ll try. I named my screen-printing business after him in 2000 and he was not only my logo, but I made shirts and stickers of his rendering. I’ve sold and given away hundreds of t-shirts and stickers. He’s on a lot of people’s clothing and his stickers are from East to West. I had to put him down last week because of his age. He had a cancerous tumor removed in 2012, he did great until last week, when he took a turn for the worse really fast. I couldn’t watch him suffer another day. SADDEST DAY OF MY LIFE on June 9th, 2013, three days after I submitted my picture. Perhaps it was meant to be, just for your page. I gotta stop writing now, gettin’ choked up. Thanks again for putting me on here. ~ Bruce Adams

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