Why Are You A Rockin’ Pit Bull Parent? (Part 2)

May 7, 2013  

More answers to our Community Question of the Week

We celebrated National Pet Parents Day last week, and we receive so many answers when we asked our Facebook friends to “Tell us one reason why you’re a ‘Pit Bull Parent’ that rocks!” that we had to run this in two parts! (Of course, that means even more great pictures of awesome pit parents, and who can say no to that?)

My brother’s dog had a litter of 13 pups. One came out, not breathing, and lifeless. I gave her “CPR” of sorts, and she came to life. Needless to say, I knew she had to be mine! That is Patch, in my profile picture. Love her! ~ David Howard

I am a pit bull family that rocks because I and the kids took turns getting up with our baby when she was 3 weeks old and still nursing. Because my job got upset when I took off from work to treat her for Parvo, right after she got her shots. But most of all, no matter how big she gets, I will always make room for her to be my lap baby. We love her as much as she loves us! ~ Aisha N.

Our pit bull Malaki was saved from the kill list at 14 weeks. Less than two years later he saved both myself and my unborn baby when he woke me at 2am because my sugar levels were dangerously low, and could have put me into a coma at 6 months pregnant… My hero…. ~ Melissa Hamilton-Selesky

My pit bull is a rescue, she was chained to a fence in the Bronx, my husband found her three breaths from death, and he gave her new life. She is now the princess! And living the good life, we have rescued others since that time. We give her all we have! She is our furry child. ~ Kristen Hartley Contreras

We have one, she’s a pit bull mix. Her name is Sassie! She’s a sweetheart. She’s protective which I like and I think is good. She’s nice and friendly to people we/she knows somewhat just like kids. She’s our baby! ~ Trenna Stephens

For the devotion they bring to us!!! ~ Laura Holt

For the love they share and the lessons they teach! Above all don’t judge what you don’t understand…. ~ Morgan R Alderman

I went back to school a year ago and I had to find a place to send my Spackle to day care. I told the technician that I had to find a way to keep my dog exercised and happy while I was gone 12 hours a day because giving her up was not an option. He congratulated me on being an awesome pet parent. ~ Allison Sabo

I rock because I love my girls and because I appreciate the love they give me in return. I try to make them as happy as they make me every day. ~ Betty Woodward

My Abbie Louise Prater is the best snuggle-bug and always gives kisses. She loves to go on walks, ride in the car (always seat-belted in), and walk around the pet store! When i come home from work, she’s always waiting for me — tail wagging!!! ~ Julie Prater

We have not just one but three pit (luva) bulls plus a fourth boxer mix. The two youngest are brother and sister brought in to the shelter after Isaac. We really wanted the girl, but when we saw how upset her brother got we decided to adopt them both! ~ Monica Garcia

We went to an adoption fair, found a pit bull that we really liked, came back the same day and she was gone, so we went back to see the ones left and there was a pit bull that was going to be put down the next day, she had an injured tail that needed surgery the shelter could not afford to do. ~ Wendie Park Reed

Everything I do is for my pit bull, I live in a small camper because no one rents to pit bull owners. I spend all my time running through fields with him and I will never let harm come his way! ~ Sharon Lacy

So we adopted our black and white pit bull, named her Annie Lee and she is the sweetest most grateful dog we have ever had, she knew they were going to put her down, she was in the very last stall with her head down, broke our hearts! Best decision ever made! ~ Wendie Park Reed

We spend more than 200 dollars every couple months on our pit bull allergy serum alone. This does not include the daily Benadryl, special shampoos, lotion, special food and treats – all for his particular allergies. When people talk about how they can’t see why it’s important to take their pups to the vet for regular updates and the expense is so great, etc…I just don’t understand. You do what you must for the safety, health and happiness of your animals! They would do the same for us! ~ Vicki Paris McDonald

I love it because not everyone can be a pit bull parent. So the ones that can become a supportive community hell bent on advocating for this strong, loving and special breed, hoping to make the world a safer place for them. Even as I’m typing this, I’m getting spontaneous kisses from one of our three, black pit bull rescues . ~ Rebecca Atkinson Grove

I have had three. So far they are the most loving loyal dogs. When I have to bring my pit bull, CJ is his name, to the vet he jumps in my lap like a baby. The people in the vet get the biggest kick out of it. They’re supposed to be these mean vicious animals, but they are so lovable. It’s all in how you raise them – raise them with love and respect and you get the same in return. ~ Cindy Vinchkoski Piasta

I took in a homeless pit bull/boxer mix and then two years later took in a APBT Pup of 10 weeks and I love them more than oxygen and need a bigger place so I can go to a high kill shelter and save another one. That third one will be my house warming “gift”…Who needs dishes and towels? ~ Crystal Pringle

My pit bull is a deaf rescue and she loves me more unconditionally than any man ever could. She is the one I look forward to coming home to at night. ~ Suzan Jenkins

After rescuing a momma and her 7 five-day old pups that were on death row I knew I’d be a foster failure for the first time. Instead of keeping a big fat healthy pup we kept the scrawny sick black brindle momma who is now the most beautiful girl in the world. ~ Tina Aronson

I rescued two that have changed my life and renewed my love of animals. Got involved with rescues in my area support to them and others out of state . Always defending my favorite breed and spreading a positive image. ~ Denise Rambo-ruiz

The wet kisses! ~ Cherye Elliott

Cuddle Bulls Rule! ~ Kimberlee Smith-Dinn

Both my pit bulls are rescues, Ann and Bug. When we brought the second one home, we built them bunk beds so they can sleep in the bedroom. ~ Sarah Dieser

I am an American pit bull parent that rocks because shortly after Ben Franklin came to live with us he went through a terrible chewing and destroying stage and even when his destruction topped four thousand dollars, I never loved him less and knew eventually he would learn the rules. Currently he is teaching everyone he meets what an awesome man he has become. ~ Tami Killingbeck

I’ve been a pit bull parent for over 20 years. My babies are the best lovers in the world!!! Not only do they make sure your world is ok, but they’re there to make sure all is ok in their world. ~ Tracy Ward

All three of our pit bulls are rescues. They were found in a cage (too small for one pit, never mind three) in a vacated apartment. They were starving and had some pretty serious trust issues. Meet them today and you’d never know they were ever anything but love bugs. Ever try to surf the web with 3 pit bulls in your lap? I’m an expert now. ~ Jessica Smizaski

Sorry can’t do it , there are too many reasons ! ~ Kay Fogleman

I’m with Kay, there are just too many reasons! My boy’s addicted to children and hugs and kisses and lots and lots of loves. He was my dad’s second favorite “grandchild” who slept in his bed every night without fail. Simply put, he’s amzing! ~ Shannon Boyed

My pit bull is usually referred to as the sweet, well behaved dog on our street! ~ Elisa Jones Cadwell

The sweetest, smartest, kindest, wouldn’t hurt a flea or dog I’ve ever owned! ~ Sandy Kendall

I aspire to be as smart and sensitive as my pit bull. ~ Mary Breen

They make me want to be a better person. Ours are rescues that went through some pretty horrible things. Even though the abuse they received was through humans they have become so trusting, loving, and protect of “their humans” If the same happened to you, would you learn or even be willing to trust the hands that tormented you again? They are remarkable beings and I can only aspire to be like them. ~ Tegan Smith Leonard

Nobody smiles bigger than a bully dog! Happy, silly, cuddly clown dogs! ~ Susan Ballard

My Roscinator has taught me so much about training, compassion, unconditional love, and the importance of a good play session! I think the fact that pit bulls require a person to listen to and respect their wants and needs has made me a better person–not just concerning dogs, but with humans as well. ~ Patty Sarge Terribilini

Roxie has been one of the biggest blessings that have come into my life. She is changing people’s perceptions about pit bulls and has changed my life for the better. Through her adoption I have become very active in animal welfare and pit bull advocacy. ~ Debbie Pierce

When he needed me, I was there to rescue him. He has rescued me every day since then. ~ Michael Golden

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