What Allergy-Free Foods Do You Feed Your Dogs?

May 17, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

This week was National Food Allergy Awareness Week, so we asked our Facebook fans ”What are some food substitutions you give your dog to prevent his allergies? Do you use any special recipes to sneak the substitutions into her diet?”

Raw diets, the elimination of trigger foods, and good old-fashioned home cooking are just some of the ways we keep our pups off of medications and out of the vet’s office! Thanks everyone for sharing.

I tried six different kinds of foods before I finally found one that wouldn’t cause my poor Harley to scratch herself bloody. I also mix pumpkin and sometimes eggs into her meals. Mostly because she loves them, but they help her digestion too. ~ Kellie Crider

My dog is fed an organic raw diet. ~ Tara Jordan

Maggie was allergic to everything. She’s on a diet of only Purina EN which has been modified with the addition of fried ground beef. Working great for the past year! ~ Dave Zemens

Eliminate anything with canola oil for dogs with skin allergies! A lot of premium foods have canola oil in them. My chiweenie was bald for over a year until I finally figured out he can’t have any fowl: chicken, turkey, or duck and no grains. ~ Val Hopkins

We are a grain free, lamb and chicken free household. There is minimum traditional red meat in their diet. My pups eat a lot of fish, duck and venison, as well as other non-traditional protein sources such as kangaroo. ~ Amanda Hall

Blue buffalo fish and oatmeal (no corn wheat soy) because of allergy. Rotate fish oil and yogurt and healthy treats from blue or natural balance. Sometimes carrots, bananas and peanut butter too. ~ Jennifer Branch

Mia is now on what I call a “duck diet” because she has reactions to chicken/beef and doesn’t like salmon kibble. She eats Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe and also gets a capsule of fish oil in it, twice daily. She only gets natural duck treats or treats that have no chicken/beef. This comes down to peanut butter treats (of course!), sweet potato, pumpkin, salmon, fruit, etc.! At first it seemed difficult to find treats that were not chicken/beef flavored since that seems to be the most popular but now we have found some great companies that make what we need or I make treats myself. ~ Jill Ashley

Goliath is a high maintenance puppy! He’s allergic to chicken, beef, pork, eggs, cheese, and peanut butter (poor baby!). In order to avoid the puffy, drippy eyes and “booboo toes” we have to give him lamb based food and treats. Fear not though; he is quite spoiled and loves his fruits, veggies, and especially his yogurt and ice cream! ~ Jen Ostrow

I have been home cooking for my dogs for the past 8 years or so after not being able to find a food that did not aggravate my old boys skin condition – subsequent dogs have enjoyed the benefits and I enjoy having much smaller piles to pick up than if they were eating kibble! I tend to cook most vegetables down quite a bit so they can’t spit them out but that is as sneaky as I need to get with them. ~ Damera Fry

My dogs are very sensitive to wheat products (it gives them bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea) so we’ve had to switch them to limited ingredient formula foods like Rachel Ray Nutrish. Since they LOVE crunchy vegetables, we give them carrots as treats and sometimes ice cubes. They’re happier with those than with conventional treats anyway. ~ Maria Isabel Garcia

Just Food For Dogs out of Newport Beach, CA! Hands down best quality. If I can eat it, my dogs can eat it! ~ Aileen Mary Cronin

Prey Model Raw Diet with wild fish oil and sometimes probiotics and vitamin C mixed in. No more allergy shots or Benadryl and a full coat of hair! ~ Sarah Power-Smith

Prey model raw mostly, sometimes rotated with Bravo beef for convenience, some veggies just because he likes them, a probiotic for a happy tummy, and no grains as he’s pretty sensitive to them. Took FOREVER but we finally narrowed down and eliminated his trigger foods (grains, poultry, any form of salmon, soy, potatoes) and he’s pretty much itch free for the first time in three years! ~ Laura Page

Our dog eats Merrick Duck and Sweet Potato. His treats are made almost exclusively by my wife and include dehydrated sweet potatoes, peanut butter cookies and carrot snaps. ~ Jesse Ortiz

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