Sweet Peaches

May 28, 2013  

A self-confessed “non-pit bull person” becomes an advocate for the breed

By Kaycie Goddard

Keith Kendrick wasn’t a pit bull person. In fact, for thirty years, Keith wasn’t even a dog person. He liked dogs well enough, but pit bulls especially were dangerous, right? So why would a non-pit bull person create a website defending the fun-loving dogs against breed discrimination?

“I was getting my sailboat ready to put in Waldo Lake in the early 2000s when a guy pulled up in a pickup with two little girls in back. With the little girls in the back of the truck was this big gray pit bull. I thought to myself—wow, this guy is crazy! But I’m a curious person, so I walked up to the truck and the people and dog seemed friendly. Within seconds this big scary looking dog was licking my face.”

Keith’s wife chastised him for being so brazen with the pit bull, saying he could have gotten hurt. That was that for a while. Keith and his wife enjoyed the two labs they had already but when one passed away leaving the other longing for a companion, it was a pit bull to the rescue.

Keith and his wife went to their local PetSmart adoption event to find about a dozen large dogs available. “We were not looking for a pit bull. But the dog that got along the best with our old guy was, gasp, Peaches the pit bull. Within 15 minutes they were laying down together, and I also discovered that Peaches loves to give kisses. So, as they say, the rest is history.”

Peaches was the perfect addition to their family. But when people began shying away from her on walks and whispering about how dangerous she was, Keith decided to take action.

Since then, Keith has created “Help the Pits”, a spay and neuter funded mostly from his own bank account. “My main focus is to prevent indiscriminate breeding of pit bull type dogs and the unfortunate outcome that often occurs as a result of this,” he says.

“After having her home with us and falling in love with her, we found out that there are lots of people not only misinformed about pit bull type dogs, but people who would like to, in a nutshell, kill her, just because of how she looks,” Keith says, “That’s how I became a pit bull advocate.”

More information on how to contact Keith and Help the Pits can be found on the website he created at www.dogbreedprejudice.info.

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