Rescue Spotlight – Be Fido’s Friend

May 8, 2013  

Be Fido’s Friend / Chicago, Illinois

Mission Statement: To end the Chicagoland canine homeless population through education, spay and neutering, and partnering of resources to improve the quality of life for dogs in need.

About the Organization: Be Fido’s Friend (BFF) was founded in 2011 by a group of five animal advocates and is a 100% volunteer run, all-foster organization dedicated to animal rescue. In addition to the primary goal of helping homeless dogs find forever homes, BFF rescues animals from situations that are abusive, endangering, and neglectful, and informs the public in order to put a stop to animal abuse and irresponsible breeding. Be Fido’s Friend also:

  • Promotes holistic and alternative therapies to allow the animals to live long, peaceful, and happy lives.
  • Educates the public on responsible pet ownership, which includes the importance of spay/neutering.
  • Supports, encourages, and joins forces with other animal welfare organizations.
  • Helps people live harmoniously with their pets through dog behavior consultations and education.

Admission Policy: Be Fido’s Friend pulls dogs from open access shelters in Chicago.

Contact information:

Phone: 312.243.3647
Address: 1216 W. Grand Street, Chicago, IL 60642
How to volunteer:
Facebook: facebook/BeFidosFriend
Newsletter: Every two months; sign up here.
Post-adoption support: BFF provides their dogs with anything they need, such as behavior help or private behavior consultations. Every BFF dog comes fully vetted, including (if necessary) vaccines, dental, blood work, spay, neuter, and microchipping.

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