How Did Your Dog Get His/Her Name?

May 24, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

We decided to go with a fun and easy question this week – “How did your dog get her name or nickname?” Thanks everyone for sharing (and yes, we know that every single one of your dogs has a baby talk name, but we understand that those are very hard to spell). ☺

Photo by Shadow Catcher Photography

Lennox was named after Belfast Lennox, the dog killed in Ireland last year because of his breed. Even though he’s still a baby (8 months old), he’s my PTSD therapy dog. ~ Donna Ghostbear

After I rescued her, she came from the Rez, I came up with Zoey, only to find out it means Life in Greek! ~ JoAnne Rando-Moon

We brought one of two into our family with the name he was given at Friends of Strays shelter…Chewie (shortened from Chewbacca). ~ Sheriff John Thompson

Real name Josie, nickname Pretty. She is pretty to me! Responds to it better than her real name. ~ Heidi Miller

My little boy’s name is Angelo. After losing my little girl, he was the first Chihuahua I saw or held. He was my angel! He truly saved my life! ~ Arika Brown

Jack’s nickname is Scoot or Scooby Doo (Scoot because she was always underfoot, so my mom would holler at her “SCOOT!”) Derby’s nickname is Herp Derp. It comes from her name and because she is the dumbest looking smart dog on the planet. And Joey is nicknamed Dobby. She looks like a house elf when she wants something. ~ Heather Davies-Devoe

My wife is a huge Penguins fans. “Puck” was going to be a male named Crosby! Fell in love with 5-week-old female when she love-bit me on the chin! She has a black puck shape on top of her head, therefore…Puck! ~ Anthony J. Yaniz

My pit Crush got his name because he was crushed. Hit by a car and left at the vet! Luckly I adopted him. He’s the best dog I have ever had. I love you Crush to the moon and back! ~ Jennifer Cooper Poole

My mom’s Chihuahua is named Bubba. We named him Bubba because he thinks he’s big, bad, and 75 pounds. My female pit bull shivered when she met him! ~ Sherri Sirott Millick

My boxer is quite red in color, not fawn; the breeder had named her Little Red. We changed it to Ruby Girl. ~ Mary Scott

My Rottweiler had no name, just a number at the pound. Since I got her at Christmastime I named her “Holly.” I rescued a Pekingese and named him “Boo … you figure that out. My pit bull mix was “Blue” at the pound, he wasn’t actually (too much brown tone), he was gray, so I renamed him “Grayson.” My miniature pinscher/Chihuahua mix is “Cassie” using the first letters of Castaic pound where I got her. “Cassie Noodle’, seems to suit her. My “Chiweenie” I named “Mindi” just because I thought it fit her. Nick names: “Wart” or “My Little Chub Chub.” ~ Laurel M Ashley

My pit bull Snowcone: because when she was desperately injured and in the veterinary hospital snow cones were my secret to get her to eat her pills. Picture a white pit bull with a blue stained face-cuteness. ~ June Lennon

Stubby has short chubby Bassett Dachshund legs. ~ Kelly Alderson St Marie

My American Staffordshire terrier is named Daisy, but her nickname is “Chunk.” She is a big girl sometimes mistaken as a boy. ~ Elizabeth Johnson

My dog’s name is Benjamin; he came with that name from the shelter. Somehow though, his nickname has become “Belly” because he always lies on his back waiting for us to rub his tummy. ~ Lorraine Ford

“Kitty” because her ears are huge, she is smaller than my cats and I was not ready for another dog after the loss our 14-year-old Labrador/Chow Chow mix. Kitty, being hungry and homeless, however was ready for us! ~ Bess Smoorenburg Antes

Our pit bull is named Layla and that is one of the two names she came with. She also goes by: Lay-Lay, Layla girl, Pretty, Layla Bean, Bean and most recently Bean Pole. It changes daily! ~ Jennifer Disabella-Dickinson

Bronwyn means “fair breasted” in Welsh…she has a white chest (with adorable freckles). We call her “Bronster Monster”. She’s a kissing monster and bed monster. We love her. ~ Amanda Panda

My dogs’ names are Titus and Vestia. Titus because he thinks he is the emperor of the house, and Vestia because she is the goddess of the house. ~ Anna Clayton

My husband named our Boxer, Fenway, as he’s a huge Boston Red Sox fan. As a result, I got to name our pit bull, I knew it had to be something from Harry Potter. It came down to Molly or Luna, but her crazy personality discounted a sweet name like Molly pretty quickly, and she ended up as Luna. ~ Carla Thompson

I wanted a fun name that had no reference to nothing but him… It had to be a cool name so Pepe it is! Then he has nicknames like “Savage Beast of the Lake,” “Pepe Sombra,” and “Assassin Dog” all are inside jokes for the attitude of some neighbors just for his breed. He also gets ”Pit bull Pepe.” ~ Ivan Matos

Pita stands for Pain In The A**, although she’s really not one–she showed up on our doorstep at a time when the last thing I needed to deal with was another stray pit bull. George’s rescuer was calling him Cooper, but the name didn’t fit him. I took a good look at him on the way home from picking him up and knew that he was a George. Karmen was Katy Perry named at the shelter, because she sings. I soon discovered that she had Anglicized her name to better her chances at adoption, and that her real name was Karmen Perez. ~ Wren End Bsl Kellogg

Our girl got her name because we rescued her when she was hugely pregnant. She looked just like a cow so we named her ‘Moo’. ~ Alexander Thomas

We named our (all black) miniature Schnauzer “Major.” He got the name because he looks and walks so sophisticated and with such authority, but he’s such the complete opposite, such a goof. Although on his off days is when he’s called by his other name, “Major Pain.” ~ Tarina T. Deltoro

I named my dog Deuce because he dropped one in my living room while I was thinking of a name. ~ Sean Monster Harris

My girls name is Chula… which in Spanish I believe means pretty although she isn’t really to some but beautiful to me. (My son was taking Spanish at the time.) My boy’s name is Hardy named after one of my favorite authors Thomas Hardy (although he’s not the “brightest” dog on the block) but he makes up for it with his good looks like the actor Tom Hardy. ~ Amanda Jane Ware

My Scooby had a different name til we took this picture. Tell me what you think doesn’t he look like Scooby saying huh? ~Maryann Clark

My blue pit bull is named Parvo The Barbarian because he had the Parvo virus when I picked him up off of a street corner. My vet saved him and if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. Hence the name. ~ Marcus Hill

We kept their names they had when we adopted them. We figured that they had already had enough change, so we kept something familiar. ~ Emily Haynes Martinez

Candy, an Old English Bulldog, I thought she was so ugly when I first got her I had to give her a stripper name…plus she is soooo sweet. ~ Marcia Dwyer

I named my girl after Ginny Weasley because she’s smart, independent, and feisty. More often, though, I call her Miss Piggy because she snorts like a pig. ~ Marilyn Wheaton

I named my Staffordshire Terrier, Bua (victory in Irish). She was 10 when we met and she had endured so much, she was full of light, love and good humor. She rescued me and taught me about embracing life. ~ LilyBu Delaney

Ripper because pit bulls are famous for their “gas” issues and as a puppy he was always “ripping them off.” ~ Sheila Slatzer-Rose

Shortly after we adopted our rescue, Maya, we began calling her ‘our pretty girlfriend’ (must be said in a high pitched, very excited voice!). Why??? We think her picture speaks for itself. ~ Angela Sharrow Hish

Bosco was named by Bernadette Peters when she rescued him from the euthanasia list. I added “de Lazzara” to it as homage. ~ Cheri Guilbault

My dog, Izaleigh (Iz-a-lee) got her name when I misunderstood the name being said to me. ~ Kay Kelley

Neo…after years of searching, he is “the one” for us. ~ Elisa Jones Cadwell

Violet for the beautiful but tough character Jennifer Tilly played in “Bound.” And I named my cat Cesar after the lead male character in the movie. ~ Kimberly Smith

My Staffordshire/Rhodesian sugar moose is “Rhyme.” At the time I adopted him there was no rhyme or reason to bring another dog home. Always the best time to adopt. ~ Beth Clarke

First came Salz…then came Pfeffer. (German for Salt & Pepper.) Both were adult rescues several years apart. We had Salz for several years (initially thinking we would adopt two at once). When our new main man walked out of the van four years later, we all screamed “It IS Pfeffer.” He took to his name in hours and we knew fate had found both a home. ~ Kathrina James

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