April 4, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Hi, I’m Stevie! I am a very sweet, loving, and active girl (my friends say I’m pretty too) who is only 7 years young! I have been living at the shelter for a whole year now and have watched many of my friends go home. Although I am very grateful for a roof over my head, food in my tummy, plenty of toys, and many loving friends, I would really love a family and home of my very own. It would make me so happy and I would be the best girl a family could ask for, I promise!

My DNA test results came in recently and they tell me that I am an American Staffordshire Terrier mixed with an American Staffordshire Terrier / Dachshund cross! What a unique combination! As you can see, I am a sleek black dog, and there are lots of reasons why black dogs are so special:

Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

  • 10. Black dogs are easy to find in the snow
  • 9. Black dogs absorb heat – perfect for cuddling on a cold winter day
  • 8. Black dogs make you appear thinner
  • 7. Black dogs excel at night-time games of hide & seek
  • 6. Black dogs never look dirty
  • 5. Black goes with everything and is always coordinated with your outfit
  • 4. Black dogs look presentable on any formal occasion
  • 3. Black is a combination of every color in the spectrum, so you actually have a dog who is blue, green, red, etc.
  • 2. Black dog hair is invisible when stuck to your good black wool coat
  • and the #1 reason to adopt a black dog…A black dog is just as loving, loyal, and trustworthy as a white, brown, or yellow dog!

I arrived at the Lakeland Animal Shelter in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in March 2012; my people never came forward to claim me, so I am still seeking my new, forever home. I can go into a home with children 8 and up, I like many other dogs but advance meetings are a must, but I must tell you that I am not really a fan of those cat things:) I am very smart and have been a participant in the Bright Futures training class! I respond to sit, paw, down, speak, and drop it; I am still working on my loose leash walking, but can walk in heel position for quite some time with a “look” and treat cue. I also love to play, snuggle, and kiss. Please come meet me at the Lakeland Animal Shelter today; just ask for Stevie (the beautiful girl with the shiny black coat)!

StubbyDog offers the Rescue Dog of the Week feature as a way of helping adoptable dogs find forever homes. StubbyDog relies solely and in good faith on information provided by contributing organizations. We do not temperament test, behavior screen, or background check any of the featured dogs, nor are we involved at any point in the adoption process. StubbyDog does not receive any financial incentive or other consideration for providing this service.

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