Rescue Spotlight – Response-a-Bull

April 17, 2013  

Response-a-Bull Rescue / Wilmington, Delaware

Mission statement: Response-a-Bull Rescue is a non-profit organization devoted to the pit bulls and bully breeds who are so greatly misunderstood. Our mission is to rescue, educate, and promote responsible ownership. Our vision is a society with compassion and kindness towards all loving companions, without negative stereotypes and senseless laws of breed discrimination. Our focus is to rescue and reshape the image of these beloved breeds to show people what great family dogs they truly are.

About the organization: Caitlyn Reynolds started out working for various shelters in Delaware. As a pit bull mom, she realized that a disproportionate number of pit bulls were being put down simply because of the way they looked. So, in 2011, she left and started Response-A-Bull rescue in Wilmington, Delaware. Initially, Caitlyn ran Response-A-Bull out of her home, but the rescue has grown quickly and last year, she was able to open her own shelter! But, Caitlyn also noticed that other dogs faced discrimination, so she expanded her rescue to include Rottweilers, Dobermans, and any Mastiff breed as well. In just two short years, Response-A-Bull has rescued and re-homed over 250 dogs, most to homes with other dogs and children.

Admission policy: It is Response-a-Bull Rescue’s primary focus to pull pit bulls and other wrongfully labeled “dangerous” breeds from overcrowded shelters – to take in the innocent dogs that are literally sitting on death row and to provide a chance when there is no chance left.

Contact information:

Phone: 302.995.2855
Address: 2040 A Telegraph Road Wilmington, DE 19808 (shelter open by appointment only)
How to volunteer: Email
Facebook: Response.a.Bull.Rescue

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