Pedro – Adopted!

April 4, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Mighty Mutts rescued Pedro from a shelter in upstate New York. A volunteer from the shelter found out about Mighty Mutts and begged them to help this puppy, who was wasting away there. Pedro had terrible mange and hookworm, and instead of getting treatment, Pedro was isolated in a room by himself. He had almost no fur, was covered in open sores, and wouldn’t eat – many of the volunteers would bring him food they cooked from home to try to get him interested in food. Mighty Mutts stepped in and pulled Pedro from the shelter, and started working on getting him healthy. He was around 10 months at the time he was rescued.

Because Mighty Mutts is an all-foster network, and no foster home could be found for this special pup, Pedro was being housed at Mighty Mutts’ cat adoption center, Ollie’s Place (which has room to house one dog at a time). Pedro was a special case. Not only was he in poor health, but since he was isolated and in pain for much of his puppyhood, he developed pretty severe dog-aggression. He was also afraid of people at first, and wanted nothing to do with the cats. His crate had to be covered with a blanket anytime one of the cats was moved past him, or he would snarl and throw a fit. A busy cat adoption center right next to Tompkin’s Square Park in the East Village of New York City is not the ideal place to try to rehabilitate a dog-aggressive and sickly pup, but having access to medical care and people dedicated to his recovery was a big improvement from the isolation and neglect he suffered through for most of his puppyhood.

As time went on, Pedro grew more comfortable with the volunteers who dedicated so much time to him, and he warmed up to both play and affection. It was amazing to see the change in him – for the first time, Pedro was learning about having fun! Walks were pretty trying, however, but Mighty Mutts worked with a trainer on different techniques, and eventually Pedro was even able to do a “pack walk” with a large number of dogs!

Pedro and the cats were a different story. It wasn’t long until Pedro went from a snarling, intolerant dog to one who was curious about the quiet little fluffy creatures who walked around the place where he lived. It took a white and tan cat named Pugsley to truly bring Pedro out of his shell. When Pedro was taken out for walks, Pugsley would run up to him and rub his sides on Pedro’s front legs and face. It was hilarious! You could tell Pedro wasn’t sure what to think about him. He would usually attempt to sniff Pugsley’s rear-end (effectively lifting the cat’s whole back end off the ground) and Pugsley would run away, and then come right back.

As bittersweet as it was, Pugsley was adopted, and now lives a great life. Unfortunately for Pedro, that meant losing his only animal friend. It wasn’t long, however, before another cat – this one a black cat named Benito – came along and befriended the lonely pup. In the past few months, the two have become the best of friends. Benito is a long-timer at Ollie’s Place. He’s been there for a few years without being adopted, and he doesn’t interact very much with the other cats. Pedro and Benito understand one another. If Pedro is feeling energetic and silly, Benito will sit a few feet away and just watch his friend at his antics. If Pedro is low energy or not feeling well, Benito will be extra affectionate – rubbing against him, giving him little head-butts, and kneading his sides with his little kitty paws. (You can see Pedro and Benito in action here.)

Knowing how Pedro used to react to the cats, it is absolutely incredible to see this, and it gives everyone hope that Pedro will be able to enjoy the companionship of other animals, maybe even another dog someday. It would be great for Pedro and Benito to be adopted together, everyone who knows Pedro would settle for him finding a foster home that is patient and loving, and will help him overcome his fear of other dogs. He isn’t any easy sell – he still has skin problems from time to time, and he has food allergies as well. But as anyone who has spent the last year trying to help this dog can tell you, he will be worth it. He has a personality and a half! He is silly and mischievous, and affectionate in his own way. He is a dog that sticks with you, and knowing the journey he has been on makes everyone want to try that much harder to find him a home, happiness, and maybe a feline companion.

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