Mia at Play

April 3, 2013  

A snowy hill becomes a new playground

By Jill Stafford

Mia loves being outside. That is when her smile is the biggest and her energy really comes out. Living in upstate New York we have to find ways to entertain ourselves through the long winters. A few weekends ago my family and I took advantage of the perfect sleigh riding snow and hit the hill at my parent’s house. Mia loves being outside in any type of weather except for rain, so she loved our day in the snow.

She had a blast chasing everyone down the hill on their sleds. My 7 year old nephew and Mia have a wonderful bond. They really adore each other and she started off the sled chasing game by chasing him down the hill! When my Mom decided to go down she tried to get Mia to sit on her lap and join her. Mia refused to do this, but wanted my mom to chase her. Down the hill they went, and that is when I captured this photograph. Mia is clearly out of her mind happy, and loving this new game! We spent the afternoon outside enjoying the snow. Mia played many games with us, including chasing on the sleds, catching snow balls, and doing zoomies in the path around our house. When she got tired she found a nice place to sit and rest, which was on my lap.

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