April 25, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Are you looking for the sweetest, friendliest, cuddliest dog around? Look no further! Lucas is your man! The last couple of trips New Leash on Life made to the shelter to rescue dogs, we noticed Lucas in his pen and noted how sweet and loving he was. We couldn’t believe a dog like him was waiting for a home. When we realized he was still waiting at the shelter, we just couldn’t allow a great dog like him to be passed over any longer!

A true gem, Lucas loves everyone he meets including dogs and kids. He is learning crate training and some manners and spends his days basking in the sun and chewing on his favorite bone. The instant we met him, we fell in love. He could live out his life just getting as many belly rubs as possible. Don’t miss your chance to adopt a great companion who will give you unconditional loyalty and love for all his days!

Lucas is approximately 3 years old and weighs 50 pounds. He is available for adoption through New Leash on Life in Newhall, California.

StubbyDog offers the Rescue Dog of the Week feature as a way of helping adoptable dogs find forever homes. StubbyDog relies solely and in good faith on information provided by contributing organizations. We do not temperament test, behavior screen, or background check any of the featured dogs, nor are we involved at any point in the adoption process. StubbyDog does not receive any financial incentive or other consideration for providing this service.

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