How Does Your Dog Outsmart You?

April 5, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Monday was April Fools’ Day, and so we asked our Facebook friends, “Tell us about a time when your pooch outsmarted you! Did she magically find a way to get into those treats you thought were out of reach, or mysteriously let himself out of the crate with the safety latch?”

From stealth door opening and treat taking to conning us into things we had no intention of doing, our pups can outsmart us on just about every front! Thanks everyone for sharing.

If it’s going to be a long day and I know Bosco can’t “hold it” until I come home, I put a towel down by the back door. One day he couldn’t hold it, and there was no towel. So he pulled down a curtain and pooped on it. ~ Cheri Guilbault

My Isis has a thing for cardboard tubes, and will enthusiastically attack any toilet paper rolls that may be left unattended. One day I went to work and must not have shut the bathroom door all the way, because when I came home my little darling had gotten a brand new pack of 48 rolls of toilet paper. She had removed every last cardboard tube…without shredding any of the paper! ~ Erin Murphy

Sweetie Pie can open the front door if you’re out front and you don’t want her out there you have to lock the deadbolt. A couple of times while putting out new plants, I look up and she is sitting on the walkway looking like, “Hey you forgot me!” ~ Jackie Mesarick

When we were crate training Vlad when we first adopted him, we had to stop leaving a blanket in with him because that’s where he would do his business and sleep; he didn’t care. We came home one day to find that he somehow got a hold of the corner of a blanket on the floor, nowhere near touching his crate, pulled it into his crate and was snoozing on a tiny hump of blanket. We still to this day have no idea how he reached it (and he still requires his own blanket to nap). ~ Jen Woleslagle-Stone

One Christmas I ran to the store to get last minute items. I came home to find that my border collie mix had opened the fridge and eaten a shrimp cocktail party platter and the cheesecake. All accomplished in 30 minutes! ~ Zoe Mcgee

Tyson will grab anything to play his favorite chase game around the house. ~ Alexa Vockley

My Daphne would escape the fenced yard and then run to the gate and wait for me to let her back in. She would do this as many times as I kept playing the game. ~ Darcy Church

When playing tug-o-war with Madison, I sometimes let go of the rope, which sends her backwards. Recently, she caught on and let go first, sending the slobber-soaked rope right into my face. Gross! ~ Alex Mauro

The stray I found cowering on my front porch snuggled her little self into our lives within 3 days and became part of our family! I am a big dog person and I now am owned by a toy rat terrier named Kitty! ~ Bess Smoorenburg Antes

One day when he was young little Jack got out of our house and my husband frantically ran all over the neighborhood but couldn’t find him anywhere. My husband finally called me at work as he was deciding to get in the car and go searching in a bigger radius. Just as I started to freak out, he walked up to the car and there was Jack, just sitting in the backseat. We still have no idea how he got there! ~ Heather Renee Piedrahita

When leaving the house, we always left our pack of four dogs in the tiled rooms with the door and the dog gate diligently shut. We couldn’t figure out how our German Shepherd, Hilda, managed to escape the area and greet us at the door every time we returned, so we set up a camera in the kitchen. We expected to see footage of Hilda jumping the three foot tall gate, but much to our surprise, we saw undeniable proof of our 60 pound dog crawling through the tiny cat door at the bottom of the gate and freeing herself from her confinement! ~ Bonnie Carver

When there’s a rawhide on the other side of the kitchen baby gate, Lila has learned how to lift the latch with her nose and then use her nose to open the gate, but here’s the crazy part … she won’t get up on the counter to get it. She just sits in front of it staring at it longingly. ~ Colleen Seeley

We left our two Staffordshire Terriers inside during a storm whilst I went to run some errands. Got home and found them sulking. Turns out they had managed to pull down their treats container from the book shelf and ate everything in it. ~ Kristy Herbert

Holly opens doors. Especially the door to the bathroom when you’re in it. ~ Skye McFarlane

Last year on a nice spring day I let Mia out to do her business one last time before I left for work and when I called her to come back in she wouldn’t come. She sat on the hill and stared at me. I tried to catch her and she would let me get about two inches from her and sprint in the other direction. I finally gave up and accepted the fact I would be late to work. She kept sitting on the hill in the perfect spot so she could look in the windows and see what I was doing. I had to pretend like I wasn’t going to work. Finally I figured it out that she wanted to go in the outdoor kennel for the day and not inside when she ran to it and went to the door. That was entertaining to tell my boss that I was late because my dog didn’t want me to come to work that day! ~ Jill Ashley

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