March 21, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Wilson showed up in February in the yard of dog (and pit bull) lovers Julie and Craig. When they were unable to find his people, they took him to Alachua County Animal Services, hoping someone was looking for this handsome and friendly dog. Unfortunately, Wilson was doubly out of luck – no one came to get him, and at the shelter he tested positive for heartworm disease.

Wilson’s luck was not all bad, however. Julie kept tabs on him at the shelter, and when she learned that he would not make it to the adoptable section because he had heartworm, she offered to foster him so that Plenty of Pit Bulls could treat him and find him a permanent home. He has already had his first treatment and is well on his way to health and a bright future.

Living with Julie, Craig, and their two dogs, Wilson has discovered the pleasures of being a family member. He loves toys and has perfected his pouncing technique, both feet fully extended in front of him. He is eager to play tag with his foster sister Tootsie, another rescued pit bull – the requirement that he keep his activity low during heartworm treatment is a test for Wilson, Tootsie, and his foster parents.

Wilson is not a big fan of sitting still for too long unless he has a lap to cuddle in. When Julie sits out on the patio at the end of the day, he cannot resist climbing on the chair and laying his head on her lap. Together, they watch the people go by.

He has also learned how to walk nicely on a leash. With a little practice, he went from bounding like a deer to walking by Julie’s side like an angel. He would walk for miles and, when his heartworm treatment is finished, will enjoy running or jogging with a human partner. (In the meantime, Julie is trying to keep him occupied with treat puzzles – from which this smart boy can remove all the treats in less time than it took to prepare it!)

Wilson is everything a dog should be – affectionate, even-tempered, intelligent, athletic, and playful. He loves people and is outgoing without being pushy. He loves to cuddle and he also enjoys exploring the world. He is great with other dogs and with children. He has not lived with cats, so we are not sure how he would be with them. Based on his behavior on walks, he may want to chase, but we would be happy to cat test him for interested potential adopters.

Maybe the best thing about Wilson is his focus on his person. He has a lot of “velcro” – he checks in with his human continually and is a very quick learner. He would enjoy more obedience training and probably would be a star at rally, agility, nosework, or other canine disciplines.

Wilson is about a year and a half old, neutered, and vaccinated. He is crate-trained and house-trained, and he weighs about 50-55 lbs. For more information about adopting Wilson, please contact Plenty of Pit Bulls in Gainesville, Florida at gainesvillepitbuls@gmail.com.

StubbyDog offers the Rescue Dog of the Week feature as a way of helping adoptable dogs find forever homes. StubbyDog relies solely and in good faith on information provided by contributing organizations. We do not temperament test, behavior screen, or background check any of the featured dogs, nor are we involved at any point in the adoption process. StubbyDog does not receive any financial incentive or other consideration for providing this service.

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