Rescue Spotlight – Born Again Pit Bull Rescue

March 27, 2013  

Born Again Pit Bull Rescue / Sherwood, Oregon

Mission statement: Born Again Pit Bull Rescue (BAPBR) operates under a “Foster one, save two” motto, and partners with crowded animal welfare agencies to create much needed kennel space for incoming dogs by transferring primarily pit bull-type dogs out of those facilities and into the foster program. BAPBR educates the community about the importance of giving equal treatment and opportunity for all dogs, regardless of physical appearance, and strives to instill responsible pet guardianship amongst all dog owners in the community.

About the organization: BAPBR was founded by Angela Adams in 2007 as a private animal rescue after meeting a friend’s puppy, falling in love, and doing research to learn as much as she could about pit bull type dogs. Through that research, she learned about the undeserved negative media image. Knowing from first-hand experience what great dogs they are, she continued to educate herself and eventually began working towards advocacy for these dogs. The statistic that changed Angela’s life, and ultimately the course of hundreds of dogs’ lives, “Pit bull type dogs average about 33% of shelter intakes nationally, but in large cities the numbers are as high as 40%-65%.” BAPBR was founded to address that eye-opening, disheartening statistic. BAPBR became a non-profit in 2011, formed the board of directors, and has been growing to expand their business of saving lives ever since.

Admission policy: Dogs are primarily transferred from other shelters (a very small percentage of dogs come from owner surrenders). Adult dogs must come fully vetted, and already spayed or neutered. Because BAPBR is purely foster-based, dogs generally need to be dog-friendly, since most foster families already have dogs in the home.

Contact information:

Phone: 503.888.4583
Address: PO Box 304, Sherwood, OR 97140 (mailing address only)
How to volunteer:
Facebook: BornAgainPitBullRescue
Twitter: @BAPBR1
Newsletter: Planned for 2013
Post-adoption support: When a BAPBR dog is adopted, the relationship does not end there. BAPBR knows that there will be questions once the dog is home, and is committed to providing ongoing advice and support regarding basic training and resources.

BAPBR takes great care of the health and condition of dogs in their Pit Stop Program, and ensures that any needed procedures (spay/neuter, initial vaccines) have been provided before the dog goes home. Adopters also receive:

  • Two private in-home training lessons
  • Copy of medical vet records/history
  • De-worming and flea treatments
  • Collar, leash, front clip walking harness, and ID tags
  • AVID microchip and registration
  • Small bag of kibble, toys and treats

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