Rescue Spotlight – Boise Bully Breed Rescue

March 20, 2013  

Boise Bully Breed Rescue / Boise, Idaho

Mission statement: The mission of Boise Bully Breed Rescue (BBBR) is to educate the public regarding bully breeds, promote responsible pet ownership, promote spay and neuter programs, and advocate against breed specific legislation and the inhumane activity of dog fighting.

About the organization: The founder of BBBR, Cathleen Catti, has invested 30 years of volunteer service in a number of shelters. She noticed that a large percentage of dogs that were abandoned, forgotten or overlooked were the bully breed types. The decision to form BBBR came from the statistics that bully breeds were a large percentage of the animals euthanized in shelters each year due to lack of interest, bad reputation, stereotyping, and fear. The initial intent of the rescue was to stay small and accept a few dogs at a time, but the need and interest has grown.

No one person could ever accomplish this task alone. To date, the rescue has a very strong team of volunteers, foster parents, fans, followers and supporters who are passionate about the mission and goals of the rescue, and devoted to re-homing unwanted bully breed dogs from Idaho shelters. The rescue strives to place the best representatives of the breed into a network of foster and adoptive homes that are capable of providing adequate care and training. The rescue encourages pit bull owners and lovers to unite in presenting a positive image of the breed and to clarify the controversy of negative press and stereotyping.

Admission policy: Boise Bully Breed Rescue only accepts bully breed dogs that have a very difficult time coping with the shelter environment, have become kennel stressed, or have simply run out of time. The rescue does not accept owner surrenders, but does offer rehoming tips to help secure a safe home.

Contact information:

Phone: 208.713.1818
Address: Foster network only; correspondence may be directed here. Donations may be directed here.
How to volunteer:
Facebook: Boise-Bully-Breed-Rescue
Twitter: n/a
Blog: n/a
Newsletter: n/a
Post-adoption support: Low cost spay and neuter, dog training and consulting.

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