Play Time!

March 20, 2013  

We can learn a lot by watching dogs play

By Kirstyn Northrop Cobb

I love spending time watching dogs play. I love watching my own dogs play, I love watching shelter dogs play, I just love watching dogs play! I work in a shelter environment and there is something calming about being outside with the dogs and watching them just do dog things; time away from a desk doesn’t hurt either!

Obviously, it’s just great exercise for them, the running and tumbling. I love that it wears them out. I also love watching how they govern themselves and can work out their problems.

But what I love most about watching dogs play is that they don’t discriminate. Dogs don’t know about breed discriminatory legislation. Dogs don’t know that black or brindle dogs are less likely to get adopted because of the color of their coat. Dogs don’t see pit bull or shepherd or rottweiler. Dogs just see other dogs. In all my years of watching dogs, I have never once seen a dog take another dog aside and say “Do you know about that dog’s background?”. Nope, they just play. No judging, no discrimination, just a good ol’ time!

We really have a lot to learn from dogs, don’t we?

Photo courtesy of Jerome Jackson.

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