March 28, 2013  

Rescue Dog of the Week

Jacinda is an approximately 2 ½ – 3 year old pit bull type dog. She was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles without any parents to look out for her, and in very poor physical and mental health. After being transferred to her Pit Stop in the Born Again Pit Bull Rescue Adopt-a-Bull program in Portland, Oregon, she was treated for demodex mange. It’s clear she has had at least a couple of very large litters of puppies; her teats have distended out so much that they were hanging half-way to the ground and surely she must have been very uncomfortable. She may need a “breast reduction” to help get her back to her pre-baby shape and if so, we will be providing her with the surgery she needs – but read on to learn about the changes going on with her body!

BAPBR was contacted about this sweetheart when she had just a few hours left in this world; she was brought to a high-kill shelter in the LA area and due to her obvious medical needs, she did not stand much of a chance there. Because of the generous support and contributions of our supporters, we were able to bring her into our program without a second thought and get her everything she needs to be well again.

Right off the bat, she became an angel to us. We can already see her outer beauty through the inner beauty that’s so apparent when you meet her.

This special dog has made a full recovery with her itchy skin issues, her hair has grown back in full and she has been wearing custom made slim fitting “jog bras” to help support her extra skin; it’s definitely shrinking up some, but we’ll potentially still want to get her a little nip/tuck to help her be more comfortable. Her foster family has been working regularly with one of our BAPBR professional dog trainers to help Jacinda learn house manners and normal dog skills now that her health is in good shape – lots of changes inside and out, but all for the better! Every day, the layers of her onion are peeling away to reveal the beautiful Jacinda – don’t you want to be a part of her transformation?

Jacinda has an extremely sweet, mellow personality, with occasional outbursts of pure zaniness, and she has discovered the joy of toys and all the fun they have to offer! We’re guessing that this gal hasn’t had tons of appropriate, supervised dog socialization, so many situations seem new to her, but she has been learning how to ignore them and keep on walking. Jacinda would be best as the only dog in her future Forever Home. She needs the opportunity to be the queen bee for the first time in her life and not have to share anyone’s love and attention.

Miss J’s initial sadness and depression has vanished! She has adjusted to having people to take care of her and love on her in no time at all – she adores all the attention and loves to be near you whenever she can. She also gets very excited about car rides and does very nicely, helping to co-pilot to each stop. We’ve learned that she definitely enjoys bully sticks and big delicious bones, which keeps her busy and satisfied for hours! She also has demonstrated her affinity for a good game of fetch with the ball, though once she captures it, she’d prefer to roll her whole body triumphantly all over it! This girl just needs a family to continue to show her all the joys of life and give her some unconditional love!

She seems to really love being part of a home. She adores attention and would spend all her time cuddling, if given the choice. She continues to do well being left at home during the day while her foster people are at work. She is crate trained and beautifully house trained! She sleeps soundly through the night on her dog bed. She is learning how to “fetch” and enjoys chasing and bouncing on balls and toys outdoors. Miss J absolutely loves to chew and keeps herself occupied with various Nylabones and antlers. Foster mom reports that “she is a lovely little girl and we truly enjoy sharing our home with her!”

We’re all about second chances and if ever someone needed one, it is Jacinda. Her next step is to find that perfect adopter to make her their daughter. The lucky person who brings her into their home will get to take her on an incredible journey to see how joyful life can be, and watch her transform into a confident beauty queen!

To read more about Jacinda, go to her adoption page. For more information, email info@bapbr.org.

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