How Will You Be Spending Spring Break?

March 8, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

Spring break is coming up, and we were wondering if you had any travel plans with your pups. So we asked our Facebook friends, “Will you be heading for a sunny beach, or indulging in some late-season snow-based activities? How do you include your dogs in the fun when you all go on vacation together?”

Road trips, camping, boat outings, and stay-cationing are some of the ways we will be spending our days off with the pups this year! Thanks everyone for sharing.

Our dogs come with us on the boat…it’s a bit more work if we anchor out, having to take the dinghy ashore for them, but they love it! ~ Lisa Avila

My girls love the boat too! They wear life vests of course. Safety first! ~ Jessie Sharp-Martin

We are on spring break now. No travel plans but plenty of snuggly naps together on the couch are on the agenda. ~ Kirsten Thompson

My pup is coming with me south to visit my family in Arkansas! I expect he’s going to enjoy the big fenced-in backyard. ~ Erin Ashley

Mine love road trips! I have a booster chair so they can see the scenery. ~ Mandee Hewett

My dogs live for the Santa Barbara dog beach, so that’s where we’re going! ~ Kathy Doss Fohrman

Camping, and hiking. ~ For the Love of Paws

Not to be a downer, but Eddie the older dog, has trouble getting into the car, and Hazel the younger dog needs Benadryl to stay calm (that is, knocked out) on a trip. Boat-tripping is not for us this year. But we’ll be doing some fabulous stay-cation activities this summer! ~ Susan Lawrence

I rent a car and we all go camping in the mountains of northern New Mexico. My own car is too small for three dogs and all the camping stuff. Always clean and vacuum it up spic and span before I return it too! We may go to Corpus Christi this year though, before it gets too hot. ~ Mary Horvath

We are going to the lake with three pit bulls in our new boat called “Dawg Daze.” Can’t wait. ~ Welovesocalbuzz Sanderson

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