How Do You Keep Your House Clean?

March 29, 2013  

Answers to our Community Question of the Week

It’s National Cleaning Week, and so we asked our Facebook friends, “What are some of your tips and tricks on keeping a clean and fresh home while living with your furry friends, especially those who are still in potty training boot camp?”

Steam mops, fragrant herbs, baby wipes, and lots of vacuuming are just some of the many ways we keep that doggy smell at bay. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Clorox wipes and a good vacuum cleaner. ~ Katharine Luongo

Steam mops, a lot of peroxide, and Fabuloso cleaning solution. We use cheap Oxy Clean laundry soap in our shampooers and our steam mop gets a small amount of apple Fabuloso. Peroxide helps with pee and bacterial messes. ~ J.m. Keohane

I simmer nice smelling herbs and lemons on the stove over low heat — it is a natural air freshener. Can be reused a few times. ~ Erika Searl

My vacuum cleaner is fancier than my car is, I put a sheet on the bed because it’s easier than keeping them off the bed, Scentsy burner for inevitable dog smell and brushing a couple times a week. ~ Kellie Crider

Peroxide, air filter and scented candles. ~ Jamie Baker-Harrison

Go out all day. ~ Mick Byrne

I invested in a Dyson Animal vacuum and a Shark steam mop, both very much worth the money! We had new hardwood floors installed last year and even with four dogs they still look like new! Also, I just posted in my blog about covering our backyard in straw to cut back on the mud the dogs bring in on their feet. ~ Theresa Mergl

Tea tree oil with water makes great room spray and kills fleas. ~ Arika Brown

Roomba vacuum! ~ Meredith Christman

I had a “stealth pee/pooper” and wasn’t sure who it was. I just got through laying ceramic tile throughout the house, very expensive, but my house no longer smells like pee. I would rather get rid of smelly carpet then my beloved dogs. ~ Mary Horvath

Awesome spray from Dollar Tree, it gets everything out, and you can use it on any surface or fabric, and pet odor neutralizer also from Dollar Tree, it smells so good! ~ Sara Lynn Yankowski

Scentsy, carpet sprinkles and open doors and windows! ~ Dana N Jesse Kendall

Carpet deodorizer. Vacuum at least once a week. Brush and bathe the dogs regularly. And have a basket to corral all the toys. ~ Melissa Thomas

With all the spring mud from thawing snow, I keep a pack of baby wipes by the back door to wipe off paws as my dogs enter the house. I buy them by the case from Costco. ~ Ann Marie Walker

When I’ve got a puppy in potty training boot camp, I make sure he/she goes outside at least every two hours…also within five minutes after each meal or an attack of the zoomies. (Puppies always seem to pee after they’ve run around the house like a crazy thing.) Easier to prevent the accident than to clean it up after. For clean ups on laminate or vinyl flooring, I use Mrs. Meyers basil scented countertop spray. Smells fresh and very green. No harsh chemicals. ~ Cathy Becker Gonzalez

My best cleaning advice is get a Roomba vacuum, put it on a schedule, and forget about vacuuming! Well, you do have to clean the Roomba but that’s a small price to pay. ~ Nanci LeVake

I vacuum with a Kirby about twice a week, clean the surfaces and accidents with a vinegar/water mixture, and use baking soda to neutralize odors. No smells in my house! ~ Esther Agosto Landsverk

White vinegar. ~ Wendy Young

Spray with “Krud Kutter,” place 10-12 white paper towels over accident, put a large pot filled with water over towels to wick the urine out of the carpet and padding. Change towels until no hint of yellow remains. My 20-year-old carpeting looks brand new and there is no odor in my house. ~ Evelyn Bertoni

Cleaning wipes and vacuum often. Scented candles in the evening and just learn to love that doggy smell! ~ Kirsty Gray

Dyson Animal, Shark Pro steam mop, Woolite pet stain and odor remover plus oxy spray, and Arm & Hammer plus Oxyclean Pet Fresh vacuum booster carpet powder. ~ Jessica Landry White

Melaleuca Sol-u-Mel in lemon blossom scent. I clean with it, deodorize with it, and put it in my Rainbow vacuum to freshen the air when vacuuming. All natural, so it doesn’t harm the pup or the putties. Pup gets bathed with Melaleuca dog shampoo, too, which makes her smell good, gives her a soft shiny coat, and doesn’t bother her allergies. ~ Suzanne Kristensen

Keep them off the furniture, sweep floors often, Saturday baths, and wash their bedding. Also, unscented baby wipes for wiping dirt off of them. ~ Raquel Elle Bell

Dysons are worth the money! Frequent sweeping, mopping, wiping paws, not having them on furniture, and Folex for carpet messes. And lots of open windows and air freshener as needed! ~ WillTheresa McAlister

A good carpet shampooer and Ace brand pet odor additive for carpet shampooers. ~ Watertown for Responsible Dog Ownership

We eliminated all the carpet a few years back and I sweep, sweep, sweep. I keep the couch and beds covered and pull the covers off before company arrives. ~ Tami Killingbeck

Little Green cleaning machine. We tote that thing all over the house! ~ Amanda Taylor

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